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Why Florida Car Accidents May be a Bigger Risk in the Summer

During the summer months, most police authorities crack down on dangerous driving and on traffic risks. It’s no coincidence: research has suggested that summer months are more dangerous in terms of Florida car accidents. There are many risks in the summer months that can lead to car accidents:
1) Heavier Traffic. During the summer months, teens are home for the summer – and behind the wheel. As well, more people take advantage of vacations and the nice weather to go on long-distance road trips. In Florida, tourists flock to major cities such as Miami and Fort Lauderdale, creating even more congestion on the roads. As well, tourists and residents alike head out for walks to take in all the Florida summer activities, increasing the risk of Florida pedestrian accidents.

2) Road work. Summer months are also often the time for repaving and other road work and construction. This can create new obstacles on the roads and can lead to accidents. It’s a good idea to keep aware of construction and road work in your area through apps or news reports. That way, you can plan ahead and maybe even avoid these higher-risk areas.

3) Tires can deteriorate faster in hot weather. Florida’s famously hot summers are not good news for tires. Hot pavement and sand can make tires wear down more quickly (especially with all those extra road trips). The problem can be even more dangerous if tires have any small defects. Check the age of your tires and go online to see if the tires you are using now have been recalled or have any safety problems. If your tires are getting worn, summer is a good time to change your tires.

4) The effects of hot weather and sun can have a negative impact on drivers. Hot, sunny weather can be distracting and can make drivers feel sleepy and drowsy behind the wheel. In extreme cases, very sunny weather can make it hard to see or can lead to dehydration or sun stroke. Invest in a good pair of sunglasses for your car and wear them behind the wheel to maintain good visibility in the summer and stay hydrated. If you feel unwell, get medical attention and avoid driving until you are given the all-clear.

5) More Florida drunk driving accidents. Summertime events can mean alcohol and that can mean more Florida drunk driving accidents, especially around holidays such as the Fourth of July. If you see someone you believe is driving erratically, call authorities to help prevent an accident. If you have been drinking yourself (even a drink or two) do not get behind the wheel.

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