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Why You Need to be Prepared for a Miami Car Accident

For many motorists in Miami, car accidents are just not a daily consideration. Many motorists assume that as long as they drive safely, their risk of being in a car accident is quite low. Unfortunately, each day, Miami truck accidents and car accidents occur to even good drivers. Statistics show that the longer a motorist is on the road, the greater their chances of being in a car accident. Since Miami is a large city with a large volume of traffic, unfortunately, the risk of Miami car accidents and traffic accidents is that much larger.

One problem is that many motorists drive far less safely than they believe. Driving while under the influence or driving while distracted can lead to a car accident – no matter how strong a driver you think you are. It is important for motorists in all cities, especially large cities like Miami, to ensure that they are driving as safely as possible. This means shutting off all mobile devices before getting behind the wheel. It can also mean occasionally taking refresher courses or getting driving skills reevaluated as necessary to ensure that you are still doing everything you can behind the wheel in order to stay safe.

Unfortunately, even being an extremely safe driver does not guarantee that you will never be in a Miami car accident. Even if you drive safely, other motorists may take risks that result in a car accident. Even if you do not drink, for example, other motorists may make poor decisions that lead to Miami drunk driving accidents that affect your vehicle as well. Learning to drive defensively is one way to ensure that you can respond quickly to avoid a collision. However, even defensive driving and excellent driving skills will not prevent all accidents.

In addition, Miami has the unfortunate distinction of being one of the cities with the highest rate of staged car accidents. Insurance fraud is unfortunately on the rise in Miami, and this means that criminals choose to get innocent motorists involved in car accidents by rear ending them, by breaking suddenly, and by engaging in other reckless behavior in order to make false insurance claims. Unfortunately, if you’re targeted by an insurance fraudster, you could still sustain a serious car accident and serious injuries.

For all these reasons, it is important for all Miami motorists to be prepared for car accidents at all times. This means that you should have adequate insurance coverage, and you should have an emergency kit in your car. Your emergency kit should contain a disposable camera for taking photos of the scene, a pen and paper for taking down insurance information and contact information from the other driver, and a first aid kit that allows you to treat any minor wounds on site. Reviewing what you need to do if you are in a Miami car accident is also a smart move, and ensures that you are ready if the worst happens.

If you have been in a Miami car accident, it is important to consult with a qualified Miami personal injury attorney in order to ensure that your rights and interests are protected. You can arrange for a free initial consultation with the Flaxman Law Group. This is a great opportunity to learn about your rights and options before you make any decision related to your case.