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Wildlife and Fort Lauderdale Car Accidents

Many Fort Lauderdale car collisions occur each year due to wildlife running into the roads, and at this time of year that can be an especial concern. Florida is rich in many types of wildlife and unfortunately as the number of developments in the state grows many animals are forced to share space with humans. In addition, during this time of year many animals are more active and may wander into roadways, creating the danger of Fort Lauderdale traffic accidents.
There are some devices which claim to be able to help prevent these types of collisions. For example, deer whistles promise to emit a special noise to scare away deer. However, according to the U.S. Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, there is little evidence to suggest that deer can hear the whistles or that deer are deterred away from the roadway if they do hear them. Instead, experts recommend a number of options for avoiding wildlife-related car accidents:

1) Know when to be extra alert. Many drivers assume that they are most at risk of wildlife-related Fort Lauderdale truck accidents and car accidents at night, but animal experts say that the highest risk times are at dawn and dusk. This is when many types of animals are most active and feeding, which means that they are also less cautious. In addition, dusk and dawn can mean that drivers have bright sun in their eyes, obscuring visibility. In addition spring and fall tend to be times of extra activity for many animals, as these are times when mating occurs and when animals are caring for their young.

2) Do not speed. In many cases, speeding means that a driver is unable to stop in time to avoid a collision. Higher speed collisions also tend to be far more serious and more likely to cause serious personal injury. In many serious wildlife-related accidents, speed causes a driver to veer out of control after the initial impact with a larger animal, causing a secondary crash and serious injuries. Driving at the speed limit can help prevent the secondary impact and the injuries it can cause.

3) If you see one animal on the road, be prepared to see more. Many types of animals, such as deer, travel in groups. If you see animal activity on the side of the road, slow down and stay extra alert in case other animals are nearby.

4) Do not drive distracted. Research suggests that distracted driving can be as dangerous as Fort Lauderdale drunk driving, but many people still choose to drive distracted. However, taking on a cell phone or otherwise taking your eyes off the roads, even for a second, can easily cause an accident since an animal can run onto the roadway in a fraction of a second. Keeping full focus on the road and scanning the sides of the road periodically for signs of animal activity is the best way to prevent Fort Lauderdale car accidents.

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