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Will A New App Prevent Miami Car Accidents?

Michael McManigal has created a new app that will allow parents to keep tabs on their teen drivers – and will allow drivers to comment on other drivers’ skills. The app registers a teen’s car and once the app is paid for parents get a bumper sticker to attach to their teen’s car. The sticker reads “How is my kid PUSH TEXT myTAG#.” Drivers who see the sticker can send a text anonymously to report on the driving of the teen. Parents can then read the comments.

Critics of the app say that it encourages drivers to text while driving in order to report bad driving. While texting and driving is not illegal in Florida, it is a practice that is widely known to be dangerous. The National Safety Council 1.6 million accidents each year are caused by texting or other cell phone use on the road. Some critics also claim that the app unfairly targets young drivers and teen drivers, although adults may also be driving recklessly.

McManigal has stated that he encourages drivers to pull over or wait before sending a text when they see the bumper stickers. He also notes that bad driving and reckless driving by teens and young drivers is a real problem – one with few solutions. In many cases, teens may drive one way when their parents are in the car and may drive recklessly when not supervised. Indeed, parents may be unaware of bad teen driving habits until it is too late. The tab does allow parents to keep an eye on their child’s driving at all times, in a sense.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, texting while driving raises the risk of an accident by eight times. Statistics like these make some worry about the new app, but the app has received praise from AAA’s traffic and teen driver safety program as well as from parents groups. One reason may be because while texting and driving is a concern, so is the car accident rate among young drivers. In Florida, according to the AAA, 9% of fatal traffic accidents involve teen drivers, even though teen drivers account for only 5% of all drivers.

Statistics like these have many parents in Florida clamoring for the app. Some parents believe that the app will help them spot troubling red flag signs and hopefully prevent a Miami car accident. Other parents hope that the app will keep their teen drivers safe from road rage, since it will give frustrated drivers an outlet for their aggression.

It is too soon to tell whether the app will help prevent Miami traffic accidents caused by reckless driving. It is obvious that both negligent driving and distracted driving are a major cause of Miami truck accident and car accidents. What is less obvious is a solution that will help prevent more accidents.

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