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Worker’s Compensation and Car Accidents

If you have been injured in a car on work hours, you may have a worker’s compensation claim. Many employers rely on employee driving skills to get work tasks done. Some employers even make company cars available for employees. Some employers also ask employees to use their own vehicles to complete company tasks. What happens when an employee is injured on the job while in a vehicle?

If you have sustained an injury as the result of a car accident involving a company vehicle, you will likely have access to a worker’s compensation. You may also want to contact a good Florida personal injury attorney to see whether you should file a legal claim. A good attorney can investigate the causes of an accident. If improper maintenance of the vehicle by your employer caused the accident, you may be eligible for additional money in a settlement.

If your employer has asked you to use your own car for a work-related task and you are in an accident while on your way to perform that task or returning from that task, you will need to speak to a good personal injury attorney. It will be more difficult in some ways for you to file a worker’s compensation claim in this case, since the vehicle is not used exclusively to work and since you cannot claim the employer was negligent in taking care of the vehicle. As well, insurance providers for your employer may argue that your claim is not valid because you were not in the place of work at the time of the injury. A good attorney can apprise you of your rights and can ensure that you receive any compensation you are entitled to.

If you are working and are in a car accident that causes personal injury or property damage to someone else, you will need a good attorney. Part of any resulting legal action may include an attempt to assign liability. You want an attorney to represent you to ensure that you do not end up being blamed for an accident which was not fully your fault.

Keep in mind that many things may have caused the accident, including driver errors, mechanical problems with the vehicle, road conditions, and other contributing factors. A good attorney can ensure a thorough investigation gets you the answers you need. After such an accident, you may also be temporarily unable to work. Again, a good lawyer can ensure that you are compensated for your lost income. Car accidents involving work-related tasks are often complication and may result in finger-pointing. However, working with a professional attorney ensures that your rights are safeguarded.