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Would New Law Reduce the Number of Medley Car Accidents or Merely Increase Costs?

Governor Rick Scott and other legislators are currently supporting HB 119, a proposed law which would require anyone injured in a Florida car accident to seek an evaluation at a hospital or clinic. The proposed law is aimed to help reduce the instances of insurance fraud, which according to the Insurance Institute total $1 billion annually. Florida has been noted to be one of the leading locations in the country for insurance fraud, with more instances of car insurance fraud occurring here than anywhere else.

The new proposed law would take aim at insurance fraudsters in a number of ways. The law would limit the choices those injured in car accidents would have about where to seek medical treatment. This is significant because in Florida instances of insurance fraud have been found to involve large networks of unscrupulous doctors and other professionals. Fraudsters work with clinics and medical professionals who overcharge for routine exams and charge for medical exams and treatments not given. Advocates of HB 119 claim the new law would eliminate these medical fraudsters by forcing victims to go to legitimate clinics and hospitals, making it harder for overcharging to work.

There is no doubt that car insurance fraud is a serious problem. In addition to the high cost of fraud – which is passed down to all drivers in the form of increased insurance premiums – insurance fraud in Florida can be a threat to public safety, as well. In some cases, fraudsters cause a minor accident, such as a rear-end collision – in order to claim an injury. Unfortunately, this is a dangerous game, and bystanders could be seriously injured in Medley car accidents or Medley pedestrian accidents caused by a fraudster looking to cause an accident in order to make a fraudulent claim.

In addition, the instances of insurance fraud in the state are negatively affecting those who are legitimately injured in Florida traffic accidents. Some residents of Medley, for example, find that their claims are treated with some suspicion and it can take some time for legitimate claimants to get their claim amounts, even if they are genuinely injured. Some victims have worked with Medley personal injury attorneys to negotiate with insurance carriers in order to ensure a fair, on-time claim recovery.

Opponents of the law, however, claim that the new law might not be the best solution. They point out that not every car accident victim with a minor injury can afford a visit to a hospital emergency room or a clinic, and this will especially be a cost concern for those without insurance. They also note that those who really want to defraud the system will still find ways to do so. Further, opponents of the bill have expressed concerns that having car accident victims with minor injuries report to hospital emergency rooms could potentially clog up emergency departments and make it harder for those who are seriously ill to get medical care.

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