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Will You Be Driving to See Family in South Florida This Holiday Season?

If you’ll be driving to see family in South Florida this holiday season, you will want to take extra precautions so you don’t find yourself in a car crash in Miami or another community. There are several ways to keep safe on the roads and to ensure your holiday season is pleasant:


1) Keep alert for sunshine and wet weather

If you’re arriving from a winter-prone area, especially, the heat, sunshine, and wet weather in southern Florida can be a shock. Make sure to pack sunblock, sunglasses, water, a hat, and other gear to keep yourself comfortable even with the glare and warm weather. Make sure your windshield wipers are clear and your tires are in good shape in case you encounter wet weather. Even though you don’t have to worry about winter weather or blizzards in southern Florida, if you’ll be driving in Miami or surrounding areas, weather can be a concern.

2) Be aware of construction and traffic

While you may be glad to get away from ice and snow, Miami traffic has its own dangers. Heavy traffic and construction season in Miami and surrounding areas can mean an increased risk of construction site accidents, pedestrian accidents, and other types of roadway accidents. Always plan ahead and check for traffic and construction conditions before you go.

3) Have a plan

As with any road trip, plan carefully. Determine where you can find rest breaks along the way and have a few alternate routes in case you encounter bad weather, traffic, construction, or other obstructions. Give yourself a generous amount of time to arrive at your destination, and add a little padding to ensure you’re not rushing.

4) Take frequent breaks

Stopping occasionally can help you avoid exhaustion, which can especially be a problem in the South Florida warmer weather. Make sure you take rest at night, especially, to ensure you’re not a fatigued driver.

5) Make sure your car is ready

Although your car won’t need snow tires if you’re driving to Miami, make sure your car is in good condition and has no mechanical issues which can cause a traffic accident.

6) Put away distractions

Miami and surrounding areas have a high number of pedestrians, drivers, and distractions. Trying to look at a map or check your cell phone while you’re driving can be disastrous and will take your eyes and focus away from the road. Plan your route ahead of time or have someone in the passenger seat helping you navigate. Stay focused on the drive and drive defensively to stay safe.

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