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How to Prevent Workplace Car Accidents

Car accidents in Hollywood and across South Florida often involve a motorist and their own vehicle. However, the workplace is also a common site for car crashes. Many workers need to drive a car as part of their job. Delivery personnel, for example, spend much of their time on the road. Even office workers who are asked to take a company car to run errands may find themselves in a crash. If they do, their collision is considered a workplace accident.


Vehicle accidents are a frequent cause of workplace injuries in Hollywood and other communities, but in many cases they can be prevented with:

1) Proper training.

Having a license alone doesn’t mean a worker is qualified to drive a car as part of the job. Any employee who has to drive as part of their work tasks should take extra training and driving instruction on an ongoing basis to keep skills sharp. If you work in a position requiring you to drive, ask about additional training available to you. You may also want to talk to your tax preparer; the lessons you take on your own may be tax deductible and a smart investment for your career.

2) Single-tasking.

Multi-tasking while driving is dangerous and often leads to distracted driving accidents in Hollywood and other communities. Employers should never expect workers to answer the phone, text, or perform other duties when driving.

3) Careful team selection.

Not every worker is qualified to drive on the job. If you are in a management position, always assign driving tasks carefully. If you do not complete due diligence and your employee harms someone while driving on the job, your company may be found liable if you were not careful in assigning driving tasks.

4) Proper vehicle maintenance.

Company cars need to be properly maintained and checked over regularly. Any problems with company cars can open the business to a lawsuit if poor maintenance causes a roadway crash.

5) Careful consideration of the risks.

It is a good idea to conduct a regular risk audit of employee driving. What specific hazards do employees face when driving for an organization? Are there specific dangers—such as high traffic volumes or frequent construction—nearby? If so, how can these be addressed?

If you are an employee and have been injured in a workplace accident while driving a car as part of your duties, you may qualify for workers’ compensation. You may also have a third party claim in some cases. To review your options and to get the full compensation you may need, contact Flaxman Law Group to speak to a workers’ compensation and workplace injury attorney.

If you have been injured in a car crash involving someone driving a company car or driving as part of their job, your claim may be very different than a claim involving a regular motorist. You will likely be dealing with the insurance company of the workplace and you may have a claim against the company if their negligence led to your injuries. To get fair compensation for your injuries, contact the personal injury attorneys at Flaxman Law Group for a free consultation.