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A New Focus on Train and Pedestrian Safety After Tragedy in Pompano Beach

A devastating pedestrian accident in Pompano Beach occurred late last month, when a man walking along the South Dixie Highway was struck by a freight train. The tragedy has created a new focus on train safety and pedestrian safety, with many wondering what can be done to prevent similar tragedies in the future. There is much debate about the matter, but some experts recommend that these types of accidents can be prevented by:

1) Installing cameras and other devices along railroad tracks. One of the problems with train tracks is that they can attract children as well as pedestrians. Often, a train cannot see that there is an obstacle or a person on the tracks until it is too late. There are already red light cameras at some intersections, and some safety experts recommend surveillance cameras along train tracks in order to allow operators enough time to stop if there’s a child or person on the tracks. Of course, the main obstacle with this plan is cost, as it would be very cost prohibitive to install devices along all of the train tracks across Florida.


2) Starting educational campaigns. Educational campaigns can help alert drivers, pedestrians, and others of the dangers of trains. It may be especially important to teach children about the dangers of bicycle accidents along Pompano Beach tracks and the dangers of walking or playing near train tracks.

3) Install alarms and lights at intersections. A system that lets pedestrians and cars know when a train is coming can help people make the right decisions when it comes to stopping for trains. A clear audible signal as well as flashing lights lets pedestrians and cars know that they need to wait in order to allow a train to pass safely.

4) Creating pedestrian and traffic barriers.
A train traveling at full speed can take a mile to stop in an emergency. Unfortunately, pedestrians, bicyclists, motorcyclists and drivers sometimes assume that they have enough time to drive across an intersection with a train track if the train is far enough away. Trains travel at very high speed, however, and it can be easy to misjudge distance. Placing barriers across train tracks may prevent pedestrians or cars from crossing easily.

5) Cracking down on negligent train operators and companies. Although there is so far no evidence that negligence played a role in the train accident in Pompano Beach, the fact is that in some cases train accidents are caused by distracted operators, negligent train companies, or mechanical failure in Pompano Beach and other communities. Pursuing negligent workers and companies can help ensure that the industry as a whole takes steps to prevent accidents.

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