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A New Year, a New Chance to Stop Distracted Driving and Florida Car Accidents

Just like quitting smoking or committing to a healthy lifestyle, making a resolution to stop texting and driving can make your life better in 2011. If you are still looking for a New Year’s resolution to commit to, commit to end distracted driving. While many in Florida are divided on the issue of texting bans or cell phone bans, the statistics don’t lie.
According to the Fatality Analysis Reporting System distracted driving caused by texting and driving has caused over 15,000 fatal auto accidents within six years. The Florida Senate has tried and failed to pass a ban on texting and driving. It is expected that the Senate will again attempt to pass the legislation in 2011.

However, there is a growing movement among drivers to stop distracted driving – with or without an official law. For example, Russ and Kim Hurd have become advocates for texting bans after their daughter Heather was killed by a distracted driver. This year, a part of U.S. 27 will be named the Heather Hurd Memorial Highway. The family is also fighting to pass Heather’s Law, a which would ban text messaging and cell phone use while driving.

Some companies are also stepping up to stop distracted driving. For example, the government has banned texting and driving for employees. In November, Disney sent its employees a letter prohibiting them from texting and driving. Disney has noted that it could fire or fine employees caught texting and driving. Truck carriers have also largely banned texting and driving.

While many experts applaud the desire to stop texting and driving, however, they point out that many distracted driving accidents in Florida and across the country are caused by many types of distractions. Changing music, talking on the phone, having an emotional discussion with a passenger, eating, drinking, or putting on makeup can all cause a Florida car accident. If you want to make 2011 a better year, therefore, you might want to resolve to avoid all distracted driving. Keeping your eyes and your mind on the road may be the most important resolution you make.

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