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Plan for New Year’s to Prevent Florida Car Accidents

New Year parties pose one of the largest risks for Florida drunk driving accidents. While many people know the dangers of driving drunk, during New Year’s, many people still choose to drive after drinking. Part of the problem is that many people drink during New Year’s. Another problem is that taxis and buses tend to be at a premium in the small hours of the new year, meaning that many revelers give up and decide to drive themselves home. Here’s what you can do to help prevent Florida car accidents on New Year’s eve:

1) Consider having a no-alcohol party. There are many family-friendly events planned in most cities and many people choose to throw alcohol-free parties on New Year’s. Not drinking makes it simple to avoid driving drunk.

2) Have multiple ways to get home. Keep extra cash for cabs as well as an extensive list of people and companies you can call for a ride. Keep in mind that many other revelers will be looking for transportation, too, so having lots of options is useful. Consider learning about public bus systems and shuttle services available in your community during New Year’s eve – your local MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving) chapter and your local police will know more about such programs.

3) Consider throwing your own party. You can invite everyone you know and either designate a driver or else make room for everyone to sleep over so that no one has to drive home drunk. This solution eliminates the problem of being far away with no way to get home. Another option is to consider attending parties in urban and downtown areas, where there is easier access to taxis, buses, and alternate forms of transportation.

4) Have an option to wait it out. Even if you have plenty of numbers to taxi services and other means of transportation, it can be hard to find transport home after all the festivities. Many other revelers will be competing with you. Therefore, keep a list of local late-night and 24-hour cafes and restaurants in your wallet. If you need to, you can grab a cup of coffee or a snack and wait a few hours until it is easier to hail a cab.

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