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Avoid Getting in a Holiday Florida Car Accident This Year

Florida pedestrian accidents and other traffic accidents are all too common at this time of year. Many more people are traveling in cars, increasing the risks of Florida car accidents. At the same time, many holiday parties mean that more people are making the poor choice to drink and drive. While you cannot control what other people do this holiday season, there are ways you can ensure that you stay safe:

1) Review the rules. The rules of the road, especially if you have new drivers in your family. Car accidents are still a leading cause of injuries to children and minors in Florida during the holiday season, so make sure that your young drivers know the rules – and make sure that they know they can count on a drive from you if they run into trouble.

2) Have several plans for getting home alive. If you have any plans to socialize this holiday season, consider how you will get home. Keep taxi numbers in your wallet as well as bus route information and a cell phone in your pocket. Find out about local shuttle and ride services for the holidays. Know a few places to call when you get stuck and it will be easy to make a smart decision.

3) Create a support group. Call friends and family and have them pledge with you not to drive drunk or distracted this holiday season. Exchange phone numbers and promise to give each other support as well as a safe ride home where possible this holiday season.

4) Consider taking public transportation. Taking a taxi or a train or bus to an event removes the temptation to drive yourself home. Even if you are just shopping, taking public transit or a taxi is often safer and can reduce overall congestion on the roads.

5) Keep your car tuned up. Check the tires, brakes, shocks, and other vital systems of your car. Make sure your car will respond quickly in case you need to act fast to avoid a car collision.

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