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Preventing Florida Drunk Driving Accidents This Holiday Season

Florida drunk driving accidents are always a concern at this time of year. Police authorities across Florida report an increase in drinking and driving. Many parties serve alcohol at this time of year, increasing the chances that some drivers will make the bad mistake of driving drunk and potentially causing a serious Florida car accident. No matter who you are, there are things you can do to help avert this type of tragedy:

1) Be a responsible party-goer. If you are headed to holiday events, have at least three alternative means of getting home. If you only plan to call a taxi but the taxis are all busy, you may feel stuck. If you have three plans to get home (such as a designated driver, a friend you can call, or public transit) you are more likely to make the smart choice.

2) No matter who you are, have a plan. You may not think you need a plan because you don’t plan to drink this holiday season or don’t plan to serve alcohol. However, it is impossible to predict when and where you may decide to have a cup of good cheer. Even if you don’t think you will be drinking, have at least three ways to get home. If you have children, talk to them about their alternate routes home, even if they are underage. If your underage children drink, you don’t want them getting in the car with an intoxicated driver. Make sure that they know they can call you and other family members for help.

3) Be a responsible host. If you are hosting a party, make sure that you have alternative means of transport for any guests who may drink. Even if you do not plan to serve alcohol, have a plan ready to help out anyone who brings their own drinks. Refuse to let guests drink and drive.

4) Arm yourself with what you need. To get home safely, you need a plan and you need information. If you plan to take public transportation, for example, you will need a route of the bus as well as a ticket or fare. If you plan to take a taxi, you will need to have a way to pay for the taxi. Having everything you need will greatly increase the chances that you will make the right choice.

5) Take part in the efforts of local law enforcement. Law enforcement authorities often launch drunk driving awareness campaigns at this time of year. Learn how you can take part in and support your local campaign. It could help local authorities prevent more Florida drunk driving accidents.

6) Take steps to avert accidents. If you see someone who wants to drive even though they are obviously drunk, intervene if it is someone you know. If you see someone who is weaving on the road or driving in a way that may mean they are drunk, contact local authorities at once. You could save a life.

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