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Holiday Fatigue and Florida Car Accidents

For many of us, the holidays are a very hectic time of year. In addition to the usual round of work and social activities, many of us are contributing to charitable causes, working longer hours, attending holiday functions, decorating for the holidays, hosting holiday gatherings, and more. All of this can lead to sleep-deprivation and fatigue, all of which can contribute to Florida pedestrian accidents and traffic accidents. Numerous studies have shown that fatigued driving is just as dangerous as drunk driving. Like drunk driving, driving when fatigues means slower response times. Drivers who are tired may fall asleep at the wheel or may simply be too exhausted to notice obstacles on the road. There are many things you can do to help reduce Florida car accidents caused by fatigue this season:

1) Get good rest and take care of yourself. While it may be difficult to fit in extra rest, it is important. You will find that you may be more productive and therefore need less time to accomplish more with some rest. Short naps and good nightly sleeps are important. Exercise and good food can also ensure that you feel energetic and awake.

2) Never combine alcohol with poor sleep. Florida drunk driving accidents are all too common. When drivers drink, they always run the risk of causing a serious and even fatal car accident. However, combining alcohol and fatigue can be an even more deadly combination. Alcohol causes sleepiness, so if you are already tired, alcohol can actually cause you to fall asleep at the wheel.

3) Use a buddy system. Shopping and running holiday errands with a friend or two is not only more fun – it can be safer. Running errands with a friend allows you to delegate or share some tasks, so that you have more time to rest. As well, it gives you an alternative way to get home. If you are too tired to drive home, your friend can take over driving duties.

4) Treat fatigue like drinking. In many ways, to help prevent Florida car accidents caused by fatigue, we all need to make a conscious shift in our way of thinking. Drinking and driving has become socially unacceptable, but many people still feel that they will be “fine” if they drive tired, even though research has proven otherwise. It is safest to treat fatigue the way you treat drinking: if you wouldn’t drink and drive, don’t get behind the wheel when you feel tired.

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