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ADHD and Car Accidents

People who have Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) face special challenges when driving a vehicle. According to a Swedish study, drivers with the condition have a close to 50% higher chance of being in a serious car accident.


Quite simply, driving with ADHD poses a challenge because driving requires concentrated focus for extended periods of time. People who live with ADHD may have a hard time concentrating driving, especially on longer drivers. This can lead to car accidents and near misses. If you live with ADHD and want to avoid being in a car accident in Hollywood or your South Florida community, there are several ways that you can stay safer on the road:

1) Talk to your doctor.

If you have ADHD and are a licensed driver, discuss ways you can be proactive and become a safe driver. Make an appointment with your doctor and review the steps you can take to stay safe on the roads.

2) Treat your ADHD with medication.

According to research from Sweden, properly treating ADHD with medication could reduce the risk of a car accident significantly. Speak your doctor about taking a long-acting medication that will allow you to manage your symptoms and drive safely all day.

3) Reduce distractions.

Distracted driving in Hollywood and other South Florida cities is a risk for everyone. It can be especially dangerous for someone living with ADHD. If you have the condition, avoid eating, drinking, changing music, and any other distractions while driving. Set up your music play system so it will play for your entire drive and set up automatic toll programs so you don’t have to look for change or get distracted by the tool booth. Even using hands-free devices should be avoided since they can take your mind off of driving.

4) Set up your car before driving.

To reduce distractions while on the road, set your radio or music volume and controls before you take off. Make sure you have everything you need within reach and that any potential distractions – such as your mobile device – are put away. Keep the inside of your car tidy and make sure you have sunglasses if you need them so you’re not searching around for them while you’re driving.

5) Use a voice-based GPS.

A system that guides you by voice helps you stay focused on driving so you’re not looking for street names, ramps, or traffic signs. It also means you don’t have to worry about getting lost and aren’t getting distracted by trying to read directions as you drive.

6) Ask passengers to stay quiet.

Trying to drive while you have passengers speaking to you can be especially distracting. If you’re living with ADHD, try to do nothing but drive when you’re behind the wheel. The fewer things you have to focus on, the more fully you can focus on driving.

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