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Are You Prepared for the Realities of Summer Driving in Homestead or Your Community?

Summer driving in Homestead and Florida is different than driving in other parts of the country. Not only do you need to deal with heat and sometimes severe storms, but the extreme glare from the hot sun can affect your ability to see clearly. With tourists arriving in Homestead and the rest of South Florida during the summer months to take part in the many festivals the area has to offer, the streets can also become crowded, posing an additional problem as you drive.


Are you prepared to face summer driving in South Florida?

There are several things that you can do right now to get yourself ready:

Get your car checked out.

Take your car to a trusted mechanic to make sure that your fluids are topped up, your windshield wipers are in good repair, and your car is generally able to handle the rigors of the road. This is also good time to take a look at your tires. The high heat of Florida summers can compromise the integrity of rubber, so you want to make sure that your tires are properly inflated, not bald, and properly aligned to get you where you want to go safely. Tire defects are a common cause of Homestead and Florida car crashes, so make sure yours are road-worthy.

Be prepared for crowds.

Keep in mind that traffic can be heavy in the summer months, especially as tourists arrive in the area. Festivals and other special events during the summer months may even close off certain streets. Always check the weather and driving conditions before you leave your house so that you know what to expect. Consider alternate routes on days where you expect your usual routes to be extra busy.

Be prepared for bad weather.

Strong winds, heavy rains, and other severe weather are not uncommon in Florida. Pack an emergency kit in your car in case you are stranded.

Pack sunscreen, sunglasses, and bottled water in your car.

Bright sun and hot weather in the summer months can make it harder to drive. Summer weather can affect your visibility and can leave you over-heated and exhausted, which can make it hard to focus on the road. If possible, drive in a car with good air conditioning. Apply sunscreen before stepping in your car and wear sunglasses as you drive to reduce glare. Keep a bottle of water handy in your car and stay hydrated to prevent heat exhaustion.

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