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If Your Summer is Shaping up to be Busy, Have a Stay-Safe Plan

For many of us, the summer months can be especially busy. There are special events to take part in, holidays like the Fourth of July coming up, and with the children home from school there may be childcare services or camp to take care of as well.


Unfortunately, busy summer months can make it harder to stay safe on the roads. If you’re tired from running around, it can be harder to focus on your driving. Fatigued driving in Homestead and other cities can be exacerbated by the bright sun and heavy heat, which can make you feel even drowsier.

If you are overwhelmed with work, fun activities, and your social life, you can also be distracted behind the wheel. Distracted driving in Homestead and other South Florida cities is a major concern for law enforcement and authorities. It leads to far too many preventable car accidents each year.

How can you live your busy life while still staying safe on the road? According to experts, there are several things you can do:

Outsource what you can.

If you’re too exhausted by everything you have to do, try to find some way to outsource or leverage some of your tasks. For example, perhaps you can have someone pick up or drop off your children to camp or perhaps you can have your children help out with party planning, household chores, or other tasks. Maybe you can hire a student to help you get everything done.

Cross off any items on your to-do list that don’t absolutely need to be there.

Avoid trying to get everything done. Focus on what’s important to you and on the tasks you will enjoy most. Get rid of the rest. This will allow you to focus more completely on the enjoyable and important tasks.

Take care of your health.

Stay hydrated and eat well. If you notice any and usual symptoms or sleep disturbances, visit a doctor. Combining stress with poor health is a recipe for disaster. You don’t want to have a medical emergency on the road or fall asleep at the wheel because you haven’t taken care of your health.

Make sure that you practice proper sleep hygiene.

Fatigued driving is a major concern and the summer months can make it harder to get a good night’s sleep, especially if your bedroom is very warm. If possible, run a fan or air conditioner in your bedroom at night to help you stay cool. Make sure that where you sleep is nice and dark and has the proper levels of moisture in the air to keep you comfortable.

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