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Avoid A Florida Car Accident on Labor Day Weekend

The last weekend of summer, also known as Labor Day weekend, can be a chance for a final barbecue. However, this is also the weekend when many Florida car accidents, boating accidents, and Florida drunk driving accidents take place. To stay safe this weekend, authorities suggest:

1) Staying alert for road checks. Police authorities in most cities step up roadside checks and are extra vigilant on the final weekend before school commences. If you do see authorities stopped by the side of the road conducting road checks, get ready to stop and comply with authorities. They are there to help you. Also, be aware of a heavier police presence during the weekend.

2) Drivers avoid drive distracted. Driving distracted is always a danger. Whether you are taxing on your mobile device, having a very animated conversation with passengers, paying attention to your radio, eating a sandwich, or making a cell phone call, any form of distraction can put you more at risk for Florida pedestrian accidents, car accidents, and other types of traffic accidents. Anything that removes your focus or eyes from the road can be potentially deadly. Leave your mobile device at home or turn it off before getting in your car, and prepared to put your entire focus on driving.

3) Getting adequate rest before driving. Driving while tired can be just as dangerous as distracted driving or even drunk driving. Not getting enough rest can slow your response times and can even cause you to nod off at the wheel, causing you to lose control of your vehicle. If you’re too tired to drive, take a taxi or have a passenger drive you home. At this time of year, most of us are extra busy, but taking care not to drive fatigue can help prevent a Florida car accident.

4) Buckling up. Before starting the car, make sure that you and all your passengers are restrained with age-appropriate safety restraints. Whether that means a booster seat for children or seatbelts for the adults, ensuring that everyone is safe is a top priority. Age-appropriate safety restraints and seatbelts help keep you in place in case you are in a car accident. Proper use of seat belts and safety restraints can help reduce the instances of Florida brain injuries caused by car accidents.

5) Drivers avoid tailgating. It is important to maintain a safe distance from the car in front of you. If the car in front of you brakes suddenly, you will have enough room to maneuver to avoid an accident.

6) Developing a “get home safe” plan. Unfortunately, many Florida drunk driving accidents still do occur on Labor Day weekend. Don’t become part of the statistic. Develop a drive safe home plan — whether that involves taking a taxi or designating a driver — and stick to it.

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