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Helping Your Young Driver Avoid Accidents This Fall

If your teen is a new driver this fall and is looking forward to driving to school, work, or after-school activities, you will of course want to ensure that your teen is driving safely. There are many ways you can help your teen avoid a Florida car accident or truck accident:

1) Help your teen find a safe car. Whether your teen is saving up for their first car or whether you will be gifting a car to your child, make sure that the car is safe. Have it inspected by a trusted mechanic and consider adding some safety features – such as a security system that lets your teen get in touch with a live operator in the event of a problem. Alternatively, make sure your teen has a cell phone so that they can call for help if needed.

2) Establish rules about drinking and driving and distracted driving. Your teen has already heard the message in driver education, but this is one message that needs to be stressed again and again. Make sure that your teen has several options for getting home safely without drinking and driving. This may mean that you need to agree that your teen can always call you for a ride with no questions asked and no lectures or punishment for underage drinking. An agreement like that can help prevent one more Florida drunk driving accident, however. As well, review the types of activities that constitute distracted driving and ensure that your teen agrees never to engage in those activities.

3) Limit the number of passengers your teen can have in the car – at first. Even if your teen promises never to drive distracted, passengers are one of the most distracting things for a new driver – and, inevitably, once your teen has a license many unlicensed friends will want a ride. At first, limiting the number of passengers your teen is allowed to take can ensure that distractions are kept to a minimum. As your teen gains confidence and experience behind the wheel, you can consider relaxing the restrictions.

4) Consider additional training. Private lessons, defensive driving courses, and even racing school, can help address any bad driving habits before they set. Additional training with a qualified instructor can also give your teen additional guided experience on the road – an important factor in preventing car collisions.

5) Take frequent drives with your teen. Being a passenger when your teen drives can reassure you about your teen’s driving. It can also help you to see whether additional training and restrictions are needed.

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