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Avoiding Pedestrian Accidents During This Week’s Shopping and Sales

Black Friday sales are almost here, and many Florida shoppers are already planning to take advantage of the bargains. The official start of the holiday shopping season, Black Friday sales are a big tradition at many retailers. Each year, however, they also cause injuries to store staff, customers, drivers, and pedestrians as everyone congregates on shopping areas for the deals. Here’s how you can avoid being in a car or pedestrian accident during one of the biggest retail events of the year:

1) Plan strategically.

Consider where you want to go, what routes you’ll drive, and what order you want to visit stores. Determine when you’ll need to leave home. Plan your route so you’re not driving during very heavy traffic (when your chances of traffic jams, car accidents, and general frustration are greater). Don’t assume you can get to all sales; pick one or two retail experiences you want to have and aim for those.


2) Consider doing some or all of your shopping online.

Online shopping offers the same deals or similar deals – but without the crowds, crammed parking lots, and frantic stores. If you have to drive a long way to get to your favorite stores, especially, shopping electronically makes a lot of sense.

3) Go with a group of friends.

It’s easier to shop if you have someone who can handle the driving at least one way and can keep an eye out for parking spots while you are on the lookout for pedestrians and traffic signals. Keep in mind that with so many shoppers out on Black Friday, parking lot accidents in Hollywood and other communities are very real risks. Having someone to act as your “second set of eyes” while you park can be helpful.

4) Arrive early.

Parking areas will fill up quickly and crowds can become overwhelming. Show up early to get a reasonable parking spot and to get in line.

5) Use extra caution when walking to and from stores.

Other shoppers will be looking for parking spots and might be distracted by sales. Make sure drivers can see you. Stay in areas designed for pedestrians and make eye contact with drivers in the parking lot to make sure they see you.

6) Be careful when driving around parking areas and near stores.

Pedestrians may pop out between cars or may be rushing to the stores, not looking where they’re going. Slow down, put away distractions, and prepare for the unexpected. Drive defensively, and stay calm, even if other drivers are driving aggressively.

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