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Thanksgiving and Black Friday start the busiest retail season of the year. While this can mean positive forward momentum for the local economy and while most Hollywood residents love the excitement of Thanksgiving, the extra busyness can mean an increased risk of traffic accidents, especially in parking lots.

High-angle Photo of Vehicles Parked Near Building

As more customers flock to stores to shop, grocery store, shopping center, and other parking lots get fuller. This can mean an increased risk of collisions. While parking lot collisions tend to be low-speed, they can still lead to devastating injuries, including fractures, lacerations, head injuries, and other serious injuries.

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As a driver, you may park in an indoor garage often, often without thinking twice about it. You may park in a lot owned by a private company, or your building may have an indoor garage for your apartment or condo. What happens if you are attacked in a garage, get into a collision, or your car is stolen from your parking spot? Flaxman Law Group has worked with plaintiffs who have found themselves in these situations.


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Parking lot accidents in Homestead and across Florida do cause serious injury, even though they usually do not involve high speeds. Even slowed down to slip into a parking spot, multiple directions of traffic, close quarters, and a combination of pedestrian, car, and truck traffic can all spell danger for drivers.


Parking lot accidents lead to many types of injuries, including crushing injuries, head trauma, back injury, soft tissue injury, whiplash, and other injuries. You especially want to be careful in these zones of the parking lot:

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If you’re heading to an amusement park in Miami or to any big festival or event anywhere in southern Florida, you may be at a higher risk of car accidents. The heavy traffic to and from the event as well as chaotic parking can conspire to create a higher-than-average crash risk.


Luckily, there are things you can do to reduce your risk:

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With holiday shopping in full swing, you need to be aware that if you’re taking your car to Hollywood and South Florida retail areas, you need to use added caution. According to insurers, up to a quarter of car accidents during the holiday season are parking lot accidents.


Although parking lot accidents tend to be lower speed accidents and therefore less likely than trucking collisions to lead to permanent injuries and fatalities, they can still be serious. An unexpected parking lot accident or rear end accident in a Hollywood shopping area can lead to whiplash, head trauma, and other serious injuries. In addition, if you’re struck by a car as you’re walking to or from a store, your injuries can be life-threatening. As a pedestrian, you are simply more at risk for serious, even fatal injuries.

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Black Friday sales are almost here, and many Florida shoppers are already planning to take advantage of the bargains. The official start of the holiday shopping season, Black Friday sales are a big tradition at many retailers. Each year, however, they also cause injuries to store staff, customers, drivers, and pedestrians as everyone congregates on shopping areas for the deals. Here’s how you can avoid being in a car or pedestrian accident during one of the biggest retail events of the year:

1) Plan strategically.

Consider where you want to go, what routes you’ll drive, and what order you want to visit stores. Determine when you’ll need to leave home. Plan your route so you’re not driving during very heavy traffic (when your chances of traffic jams, car accidents, and general frustration are greater). Don’t assume you can get to all sales; pick one or two retail experiences you want to have and aim for those.


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Theme Parks and amusement parks in Miami and Florida are known for having large and sometimes complex parking lots and parking structures. In fact, you may have a hard time finding your care in some cases after a day of fun. While these parking areas provide ample space, on warm days in the summer and fall they can become quite crowded, making them common sites of parking lot accidents and injuries.

Being involved in a parking lot accident at an amusement park or other attraction can be very frustrating and even frightening. You may have children with you and you may be worried about their safety. Even a minor accident can scare them and can ruin your family outing.


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