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In Westchester and across South Florida, car collisions happen for many reasons, including driver error and road conditions. A common cause of car crashes, however, is vehicle design. Defective designs can lead to driver distraction, poor performance, and other mechanical issues which lead to a collision.


If you have been in a car collision in Westchester, it is important to consult with a car collision attorney. Some factors contributing to your traffic crash, such as mechanical defects, may not be immediately obvious. By finding all potential liable parties, your attorney can help you pursue the fairest compensation possible for your injuries.

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Car accidents are caused by many factors and in many cases, drivers assume either negligence or human error are the cause of their collision. However, faulty design and manufacturing defects can also contribute to car collisions.

Car manufacturers have an obligation to produce a safe product. They must meet certain standards and are expected to test their cars to make sure they are safe. Unfortunately, unsafe cars end up on our streets all the time. Common mechanical defects include:

  • tire defects which can cause tire blowouts and rollovers

When we talk about safe driving in Hollywood and South Florida, we often talk about avoiding distraction, drunk driving, and other dangers. While these are all important, it’s also crucial to set up your vehicle so it helps you drive safely.


If you drive often or drive for work, especially, it is important to ensure your car is set up for ergonomics. You can do this by reading your car manual and:

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New cars and trucks have driver assistance systems (ADAs), and some experts say these systems can help cut car accidents in Hollywood and across the country. Driver assistance systems include features such as blind spot alerts, parking sensors, backup cameras, automatic braking, collision alerts, pedestrian detection, lane keeping systems, auto high beam lighting, and other features. They are designed to step in and help drivers with driving skills alone don’t work.


While much has been written about how driverless car technology may eventually stop accidents, these driver assistance systems may already be reducing collisions. In fact, studies and polls have found drivers with driver assistance systems have reported these systems have already helped them avoid crashes. Continue reading →

Autonomous cars were initially seen as a safer option on our roads because they can reduce the number of human errors which can cause traffic crashes in Hollywood and other Florida communities. However, some crashes involving self-driving cars have raised questions about the true safety of these vehicles.


Can these cars reduce the number of car and pedestrian accidents in Hollywood and around the country, or do they merely change the types of dangers we face on our roads?

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Self-driving cars have been around for a few years now and have gained a lot of attention. Some experts feel these autonomous vehicles could help prevent car crashes in Hollywood and other cities and could even help prevent congestion in South Florida and other high-traffic areas.


Safety is one of the biggest draws of self-driving cars. These vehicles use sensors and algorithms to detect dangerous situations and other cars nearby, reacting quickly to prevent crashes. By eliminating human error—one of the most common causes of car crashes in  Hollywood and other cities—experts say autonomous vehicles could see fewer car crashes.

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Whether you’re buying a used car for your teenager or are buying a previously-owned car to enjoy summer in Florida this year, you’ll need to use a few extra precautions to stay safe on the roads. Used cars can be quite safe, but they don’t always come with the same warranties and safety features as newer vehicles.


New vehicles sold by dealers generally have the latest safety equipment and are required to meet current guidelines for safety. In the event of a recall, dealers will contact their clients to tell them about the issue. If there ever is a mechanical problem with your car, you can generally bring it back to the dealership for assistance. With used cars, you simply may not have all these benefits.

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Manufacturers of driverless cars have long claimed that their vehicles reduce the risk of car accidents by eliminating the possibility of human error. Driverless cars use computer programs, sensors, and algorithms to automatically respond to traffic cues around them. The idea is that the car is able to interpret data about obstacles around the car and to respond appropriately to those issues to prevent crashes. Unlike human drivers, driverless cars are never affected by distraction, fatigue, inebriation, and the other human factors that cause car accidents in Hollywood and Florida.


Experts say that driverless cars are the future and could significantly reduce car crashes. However, legislation to make driverless cars common on our streets has been slow in development. Part of the issue holding up wide-spread adoption of the driverless car is the issue of liability. If these cars do get into crashes, who is liable? In traditional vehicle crashes, authorities look at the liability of both drivers involved. In a driverless car, this would not be an option.

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According to U.S. Senator Bill Nelson, Florida residents have been among the hardest hit when it comes to car part recalls in recent years. For example, after news broke of the Takata airbags — which reportedly have a defect that causes them to explode in certain humid conditions — it was revealed that Florida had 18 of the total 69 deaths and injuries resulting from the products.


As a result, Senator Nelson would like to see changes made to make Florida residents safer. He has introduced a bill which would give employees incentives for reporting unsafe products.

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According to at least one study, drivers below or above average height may have an increased risk of car accident injuries. One reason may be because drivers below average height sit closer to the steering wheel. Safety experts recommend keeping at least ten inches between the driver or passenger and the dashboard so that air bags can work properly. When drivers sit closer, they can be injured when an airbag detonates.


Adults that are below average height also face some of the same challenges as children when they are in a car accident in Homestead or their community. Seat belts can cut into their neck and chest areas, potentially causing injuries in an accident. Seat belts can fail to restrain them. Drivers who are below average height may also have a hard time seeing the road correctly because of their car’s design, and this can increase the chances of an accident.

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