Do Safety Features Impact Your Risk of a Hollywood Car Accident?

Recent advancements in car technology mean that newer vehicles sold today come with lots of safety features. Manufacturers often advertise these additions as essential to keep you safe—but is that true? And what happens when those systems fail?


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What Are ADAS And How Can They Help Me Avoid a Hollywood Collision?

ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) use sensors, cameras, artificial intelligence (AI), and other technology to try to prevent collisions. These systems can include:

  • Adaptive cruise control. Also known as dynamic cruise control, this feature automatically helps drivers stay a safe distance from the car in front of them while maintaining the speed limit.
  • Automatic emergency braking. This feature uses sensors and cameras to detect obstacles such as pedestrians and other cars a vehicle may hit. If a crash seems imminent, the system automatically engages the brakes, even without the driver’s input, to prevent a collision.
  • Blind spot detection. With blind spot detection, your car warns you (with an alarm, lights, or other systems) if an object is in your blind spot or if another vehicle is very close.
  • Lane departure warning. This safety feature monitors the lane markers on either side of the car. If you’re about to leave your lane, the system sounds an alarm.
  • Road sign recognition. Using image processing techniques, this safety feature captures information about speed limit signs, stop signs, and other traffic signals. This information is then displayed on the dashboard, so you can see what the speed limit is for your area, for example, or whether there’s a stop sign coming up. Combined with Intelligent Speed Assistance (ISA), road sign recognition can help drivers automatically control their speed.
  • Collision warning. If there is a stopped or slowly moving vehicle ahead, a collision warning system warns you so you can avoid a crash. Often, this feature is combined with emergency braking so the car can stop in time to avoid a collision.
  • Cross-traffic alert. This feature warns you if there are other vehicles in your path when you back out of a parking spot. This is often combined with a rear-view camera that can help you spot pets, children, and pedestrians, too, so you can avoid a back-over accident.

So does this ADAS tech help you avoid Hollywood car accidents? Many studies suggest it does. A study from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety found that blind-spot detection reduced crashes by up to 14% Research from Carnegie Mellon University found that ADAS reduced car collision by 3.5% and LexisNexis Risk Solutions concluded that the tech reduces injuries in car crashes by 27%.

The Trouble With ADAS and Hollywood Car Accidents

While safety features do seem to help drivers avoid the human errors that can lead to collisions and injuries, the technology is not without its limitations. Some of the tech can fail to prevent a crash because sensors, cameras, or software have a design flaw. Safety features also can’t replace good driving. Even with advanced technology, drivers still need to be careful on the roads and can still be held liable if their negligence causes injuries.

Safety features can also add a layer of complexity to insurance claims. The technology associated with ADAS can be expensive to fix if your car is damaged in a car crash, and your insurer may balk at the costs. As cars become more expensive, it’s even more important to consult with a Hollywood car accident claims lawyer to make sure you get fair recovery to pay for your car repairs, medical bills, and other costs.

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