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Unfortunately, no matter how careful you are behind the wheel, car collisions happen in Miami, Coral Springs, Homestead, and every corner of Florida. The Florida car accident attorneys at Flaxman Law Group have worked with thousands of survivors of Florida car crashes. Here, we look at some of the common causes of these collisions, so you know how you can avoid them.


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Speeding causes accidents in Cooper City in a number of ways. High speeds make it easier for drivers to lose control of their car and crash into objects, pedestrians, or other vehicles. High speeds also reduce the amount of time a driver has to respond to any obstacles or dangers on the road, which makes a collision in Cooper City more likely.


Speeding can happen for many reasons, from inattention to road rage, and we all have a role to play in preventing it. Here’s how:

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The news over the past few years has been filled with stories from across the country of people who intentionally have driven into groups of people or who have intentionally hit others with their car. Most recently, such an event took place at a holiday parade in Waukesha, Wisconsin and tragically some victims of the attack are still losing their lives due to their injuries.

When we think of car crashes, we usually think of “accidents,” where someone was reckless but did not truly consider harming anyone. Collisions where someone drives into pedestrians on purpose are frightening and cause severe trauma.

crowd of people walking on the street

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During lockdowns, there were fewer cars and trucks on the roads. We might think this would cause fewer collisions, but in fact the opposite is true. The National Safety Council reported a 14% jump in fatal car collisions nationwide in 2020 and a sharp increase in commercial truck crashes, too.


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Speed limits are posted to keep drivers safe. When creating a speed limit for an area, cities like Miami Beach consider many factors, including the state of the roads, natural dangers, road use, nearby schools and homes, traffic flow, and other factors. They choose a limit which allows for effective movement of traffic without increasing the risk of collisions.


When drivers exceed the posted speed limit, they put themselves and everyone around them at risk. Speed is a factor in many Miami Beach traffic accidents and especially in fatal and serious accidents.

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Being in a car accident in Miami is always scary, but it can be even more so if your collision is with an emergency vehicle. It can be deeply intimidating to be involved in a crash with an emergency responder or police officer and you may assume that you will automatically be found at fault. In these cases, it is especially important for you to stay calm and to value evaluate your options carefully. You may also want to consult with a Miami traffic accident attorney for support.


Emergency responders such as police cars, ambulances, fire trucks, and other vehicles drive very quickly in order to get to emergency scenes. The professionals at the wheel of these vehicles receive additional training to allow them to safely navigate the streets at high speeds and in unusual circumstances. Nevertheless, it doesn’t necessarily mean that if you have been in an accident with an emergency vehicle that you were at fault. Human error still can be a factor and in some cases police officers, firefighters, ambulance drivers, and others are negligent or do make mistakes which cause a crash.

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In Homestead and across South Florida, drivers are fortunate to not have to deal with icy or snowy roads very often. However, slippery roads can still happen in these areas thanks to spills and due to rainy conditions. Knowing how to drive on a slippery road is essential to avoiding car accidents.


When a road is slick due to rain or a spill, your tires can’t grip the road properly. This can lead to situations where your car does not brake as quickly as you need to, which can cause rear-end shunt accidents. In some cases, slick roads can also lead to drivers losing control of their cars. Multiple vehicle accidents are not uncommon in these situations.

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Rollovers happen when a car turns over on its side or its roof during a crash. In some cases, these collisions cause the vehicle to turn all the way over to rest on the wheels again. Due to the way passengers are violently shaken inside the car, rollovers in Homestead and across the country frequently lead to serious injury and even fatalities.


Rollovers in Hollywood and across South Florida happen for a number of reasons. In some cases, a vehicle is traveling too fast and this can cause the car to spin out of control and roll, especially on turns and on uneven roadways. Rollovers can also happen when a car collision is serious enough to cause a rollover. Crashes where the wheels of a car leave the road are more likely to result in rollovers.

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Speeding is a major risk factor for young drivers. Many parents assume their teens don’t speed because they don’t see their teenagers speeding. However, experts agree that the way teenagers drive with their parents isn’t necessarily the way they drive when they think their parents aren’t watching. Even if you think your child doesn’t speed, it’s important to take steps now to prevent dangerous driving.


Speeding is intensely dangerous for teen drivers because teens may not realize the effect of very high speeds. At very high speeds, a new driver, especially, may lose control of their car and may be unable to correct the situation. The results of any high-speed collision in Hollywood or your community can be devastating.

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Speeding is a major hazard on Hollywood and South Florida roads. Studies suggest that each 1 km/hour increase in speed can increase accident risk an average of 3%. Speed limits are carefully set in Hollywood and other communities. Usually, engineers consider terrain, average speeds of drivers in an area, visibility, and traffic flow when deciding posted speed limits. When motorists exceed these safe speeds, they put themselves and others in danger.


People speed for any number of reasons: impatience, road rage, and distraction. There’s no reason for speeding, however. The rules of the road – including speed limits – apply to all drivers for a reason.

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