What Causes High Accident Rates in South Florida?

Recent polls have put Sunshine State drivers as among the top five worst in the nation. It’s not exactly the “top five” Florida would like to be in. A high rate of car accidents not only causes suffering and loss of life, but it also increases insurance rates and driving anxiety for everyone.


Here are some reasons why accidents happen in South Florida—and how you can reduce your risk:

Out-of-Town Drivers

Tourists flock to Southern Florida, especially the Miami and Miami Beach areas. While this helps the economy, drivers from other parts of the country (and even other countries) may not be familiar with local roads and driving rules. They may be focused on starting their vacation and this can cause serious accidents.

There’s not much you can do about bad drivers, except report unsafe driving to authorities. If you know there’s a major tourist event happening, consider taking an alternative route to avoid the congestion.

Road Design and Maintenance

Throughout the 1900s, Florida saw a huge population boom and millions of people still move here for the vibrant culture and amazing climate. All this building and all those people can put a strain on roads and infrastructure.

Roads sometimes don’t keep up, meaning outdated designs and congestion. A lot of drivers can also create damage to frequently travelled roads, causing potholes and other damage.

Always report poor road design and road damage to your local authorities. This can help them repair the issue.

Drunk Driving

Close to a third of fatal crashes in Florida are caused by drunk driving as of 2021. In the Sunshine State, drunk driving can especially be a problem during Spring Break, when many students come to South Florida to party.

The best way to reduce this problem is by committing to sober driving yourself. You’ll be setting a good example and staying sober can help you drive defensively, which can reduce your risk of injury and collisions.


Local police report that they routinely catch drivers going well above the posted speed limit. It doesn’t help you get where you’re going faster. It increases your risk of a serious accident and even a rollover or multiple-vehicle crash.

Always drive the posted speed limit, even if others are speeding. Give yourself plenty of time to get to your destination so you won’t be tempted to drive fast.

Distracted Driving

Distraction can involve anything from daydreaming to adjusting a dashboard to taking a call while driving. It’s difficult to catch because so many of us are busy and multi-tasking.

The best way to prevent distracted driving accidents is to put away your phone and adjust your dashboard before you start driving. Then, drive defensively to prevent your mind from wandering.

Ignoring Traffic Rules

Some Florida drivers try to bend the rules. They run red lights, make illegal turns, and fail to signal turns. This unpredictable behavior can lead to serious intersection and even head-on collisions.

Always follow the rules you learned when getting your license. If you’re tempted to do something illegal “just this once” remember that your decision could lead to a serious injury for yourself or someone else.

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