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Many car and truck accidents result in pain and injuries. For some survivors, however, pain doesn’t go away easily. In situations where pain after an injury lasts for months after it was expected to subside, it is called chronic pain and it’s a serious medical condition which can be life-altering for sufferers.


For many people in North Miami Beach and South Florida, living with chronic pain can affect their ability to enjoy everyday activities, go to work, or even care for themselves.

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It is estimated that speeding contributes to about a third of all traffic accident deaths. Speeding can involve a driver exceeding the posted speed limit or it can mean a driver going the posted speed limit but too fast for road conditions.

Speeding is dangerous because it may not leave a driver with enough time to respond to an unexpected event. It can also cause drivers to lose control of their car and cause a traffic crash. In the event of an accident, speed can make a collision higher impact and more serious. The car can leave the road due to the force of the impact, can rollover, and can crash into multiple cars or objects before coming to a full stop.

Speeding and Aggressive Driving

In North Miami Beach, driver impairment is a major cause of car crashes and injuries. In fact, across Florida about one in four car collision fatalities are caused by driver impairment.


While most drivers think impaired driving only means driving under the influence (DUI) of alcohol, in Florida DUI car accidents can also be caused by consuming over-the-counter drugs, prescription medication, and illegal drugs. Any time a driver takes a substance which impacts their ability to drive, they may be driving impaired.

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You may have heard about mindful eating and mindful living. A number of experts have suggested when we put our focus on whatever it is we’re doing—whether it’s eating or completing everyday tasks—we get better outcomes. With food, we are less likely to overeat. With work, we are less likely to make errors.


Maybe it’s time for mindful driving, too.

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Being in a car accident in Homestead or anywhere in South Florida is a stressful situation. You may worry about paying for car repair bills, missing time at work, or otherwise having your life turned upside down.


Unfortunately, there are scammers who make the situation much worse by trying to defraud you when you are most vulnerable. Being aware of the most common scams can help you avoid some of the money drains fraudsters may impose on you.

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Some people who are injured in car crashes in Hollywood and Florida are injured through no fault of their own. Even if you are a very careful driver, other motorists may make poor decisions which cause serious injuries for you and your passengers. However, you are not totally without control. There are ways you can stay in the driver’s seat and at least reduce your risk of a car crash:


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Driving is one of the most dangerous things you do every day. Each year, many Hollywood passengers and motorists are seriously injured in car collisions. While there are many reasons for car crashes, distraction remains a key cause of many collisions. Unfortunately, it is difficult to accurately tell how many collisions are impacted by distracted motorists, since there are no tests to determine distraction.

Why Does Distracted Driving Happen?

One of the challenges of distraction is that it can be difficult to notice, even for a practiced driver. Distraction which is dangerous on the roads can occur for many reasons and in various ways:

Fog affects your ability to see and can make it harder for other drivers to see you. Each year, fog causes car collisions in South Florida, including in Hialeah and other communities. While you cannot control the weather, there are several things you can do to reduce the risk of being in a crash in these types of conditions:4


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If you’re heading to an amusement park in Miami or to any big festival or event anywhere in southern Florida, you may be at a higher risk of car accidents. The heavy traffic to and from the event as well as chaotic parking can conspire to create a higher-than-average crash risk.


Luckily, there are things you can do to reduce your risk:

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Aggressive driving in Hollywood and South Florida is a major problem. Aggressive driving can be as dangerous on our roads as drunk driving. Angry drivers can be so enraged that they may act in reckless or dangerous ways. They may cut others off, shout, speed, or weave in and out of lanes. All of this can cause an accident.


Aggressive drivers are also distracted drivers. They may be so focused on their anger and on the drivers who are the target of their anger that they may be taking their eyes off the road. Certainly, their minds are not on safe driving. They may make mistakes or fail to react to situations correctly, potentially causing an accident.

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