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Parking and Driving Tips for Big Events in Miami and South Florida

If you’re heading to an amusement park in Miami or to any big festival or event anywhere in southern Florida, you may be at a higher risk of car accidents. The heavy traffic to and from the event as well as chaotic parking can conspire to create a higher-than-average crash risk.


Luckily, there are things you can do to reduce your risk:

1) Plan strategically.

If you can arrive early, park, and spend some time nearby, you may be able to arrive at a less busy time, reducing the risk of traffic, road rage, tailgating, and rear-end accidents in Miami or at your destination.

If you can’t arrive early, give yourself lots of time to drive. Make sure you account for heavier traffic. Choose the route to the destination carefully and read traffic updates. You may be able to get to the event more quickly and with less risk by taking a slightly longer (and less busy) route.

2) Reduce all distractions.

Distractions are dangerous at any time, but they can be especially hazardous when traffic is heavy or when there are lots of pedestrians and drivers trying to get to an event. When driving in these conditions, always drive strategically and think a few moves ahead so you’re prepared for any unexpected maneuvers.

3) Have a plan for getting home safely.

You have the option of drinking at many festivals and events. Even if you don’t plan on drinking and even if you have a designated driver, always have at least two or three other options for getting home. Bring enough money for taxis or for hotel rooms or have a few friends’ phone numbers in your phone so you can call for a safe ride home.

Never assume you will be in a good enough state to take your car back home. Even if you don’t drink, you may suffer heat exhaustion or maybe simply too tired after a fun-filled day to drive home safely yourself.  Make sure you have options other than driving.

4) Be careful when parking.

Parking around special events and festivals is notoriously difficult. You may have to hike a long way to get to the event and parking spaces may be scarce. In addition, if there aren’t enough parking spaces drivers may become aggressive in trying to get the few remaining spots. If you can, park well away from the event and consider walking in. To avoid pedestrian accidents, be careful when walking to the event.

No matter where you park, stay on the lookout for other drivers as well as pedestrians. Keep in mind that others may be excited about the event or the attractions and may not be looking where they’re going. Use extra caution as well as your rearview near and rearview camera (if you have one) to park safely.

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