South Florida Car Accidents Involving Buildings

You might see it in the news: a report of a driver crashing their car into a restaurant, office, or other building. It may seem rare, but each year over 500 people are killed across the United States due to these types of accidents. This means that car-into-building crashes are responsible for more American deaths than tornadoes, lightning, and earthquakes combined.


Part of the trouble is that these accidents can cause a lot of damage not just to the car but also the building, potentially causing injuries to those inside. If you’re injured in this kind of crash, your injuries are likely to be severe and you’ll want to seek every dollar of compensation you are eligible for, so you can pay for your potentially high costs. To start discussing how much your claim may be worth, contact Flaxman Law Group for a free consultation with a South Florida car accident claims attorney. Our boutique, family-based law firm has offices in Miami, Homestead, Hollywood, and even Denver so we can make a difference for injured plaintiffs across Florida and Colorado.

Understanding Car-Into-Building Crashes in South Florida 

Most of these car accidents are due to human error, especially pedal error. This happens when a driver gets confused about which pedal to press or when their foot slips, accidentally hitting the gas instead of the brakes. Senior and teen drivers are most likely to experience this kind of error.

Car-into-building collisions also commonly happen due to drunk driving, a traffic accident that pushes a car into a building, or a medical emergency that causes a driver to lose control of their car. In a small number of cases, these collisions are deliberate and they may happen if a driver is experiencing road rage or is using their car as part of a robbery attempt.

When these types of accidents happen, anyone inside the car can suffer serious injuries, including lacerations, head injuries, and crushing injuries. This is because part of the building may collapse on the car, shattering the windshield and causing broken glass, concrete, and other building materials to enter the car.

For occupants inside the building, too, these collisions can be deadly. Occupants inside the building are not expecting a vehicle to come careening into their work space, so they may have no warning to get out of the way. Parts of windows, doors, and the building can come raining down on anyone inside the building and the structure itself can become unstable because of the crash, putting everyone inside at risk. Those inside a building can be run over, pinned by the car, or trapped under building materials, suffering internal injuries, spinal cord injuries, broken bones, and other serious injuries.

Who Is Liable?

In car-into-building accidents, the driver is usually at fault, especially if they were reckless, under the influence, or distracted. However, a good South Florida attorney will also look at other possible liable parties, too. He or she will ask whether the car had a flaw which contributed to the accident. He or she may also explore whether the property owner could be liable. For example, was the property designed with barriers between the parking area and the building? Was the parking area designed so cars could not approach the building easily?

It’s valuable to speak to a South Florida car accident attorney if you’ve been injured in a crash. An attorney can ask questions you may not have considered—such as whether there are other avenues for pursuing compensation or what your long-term injury costs may be. For a thorough discussion about your potential case, contact Flaxman Law Group at 866-352-9626 or contact us online. Our friendly team has more than 50 years of combined experience and we’re happy to answer your questions when you’re injured.

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