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Avoiding a Car Accident in Miami or Your Community This Weekend

Authorities and safety experts say that that the Fourth of July holiday means that motorists need to be more aware of the risks of car collisions in Miami and other Florida communities. To avoid being involved in a traffic accident in Miami and surrounding areas, be sure to follow these tips:

1) Watch out for an influx of visitors. In Miami this year, the tourism season is picking up with visitors from Europe and South America in particular. Many hotels are close to capacity and some special events in the area are already sold out. The influx of tourists is great for business, but it also means that motorists need to be aware of more pedestrians in the city as well as potentially more drivers on the roads.

2) Cross only at crosswalks and designated crossing areas, especially in busy areas and at special events. Pedestrian accidents at Miami events often occur when pedestrians cross where motorists do not expect them. If you are attending an event or are in a pedestrian and car-heavy area, be sure to cross where drivers expect it. If you are driving in an area where there is an event or plenty of pedestrians, slow down and stay alert.

3) Keep a close eye on children. Children are excited by all that Miami has to offer in the summer, but this can mean that parents need to be extra vigilant to prevent child injury in Miami or their community. If you are walking with your children, keep them in strollers or hold onto them to prevent them from running into traffic. If you are driving in Miami, be extra alert for families and young children who may run into traffic.

4) Keep your car in tune. You are more likely to be able to avoid a car or truck accident in Miami or your community if your car is in good shape and responds the way you expect it to if you need to make a sudden maneuver.

5) Stay alert for events and construction in your area. Listen to traffic and weather updates so that you can avoid traffic congested areas that increase your risk of an accident. Plan your routes based on safety. Taking a little extra time to arrive at your destination can be worth it if you avoid the hassle and risk of traffic delays, road work, and congestion.

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