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New Cars May be the Culprit in Many Car Collisions in Miami and Other Florida Cities

Traditionally, safety experts have warned drivers about the dangers of older cars when it comes to safety. After all, older cars may not be maintained correctly and may be affected by mechanical problems that could lead to a car accident in Miami or another community. Older cars may also not have the safety features of older cars, which many have thought places the driver and passengers at an increased risk.

A new study may turn that traditional way of thinking around.

A study out of the UK conducted by insurance underwriter Accident Exchange has found that new cars actually have a higher accident rate than older cars during the first six months of ownership. In fact, according to the study, while new cars account for only 2.9% of cars on the roads, they are responsible for 5% of accidents. The study also found that drivers with a new car are twice as likely to be involved in a collision during the first six months of ownership, compared with drivers who have owned their cars for longer.

According to Accident Exchange, the issue may be one of familiarity. Drivers with new cars are still getting used to steering, mirrors, brakes, and other systems in a new car, and the lack of familiarity with the vehicle may get drivers into trouble.

According to the study authors, another issue may be distraction. Drivers may be distracted by the new features of their car, and this may mean that they focus on the car rather than on the road during the first few months of owning a car. Further, drivers with brand-new cars may drive differently, because they are extra cautious with their new purchase. The excessive caution can actually lead to car and truck collisions in Miami and other communities, since driving more cautiously does not necessarily mean driving better.

Although the study’s authors did not mention it, inherent product defects may also contribute to some car collisions with new cars. With new models, defective systems may not have come to light yet and it often takes some car collisions and injuries before products liability claims in Miami and other cities are launched. Usually, it is only after a few injuries have been reported that manufacturers start issuing recalls and offering free changes.

If you have a new car, how can you avoid being involved in a traffic accident in Miami or your community?

Safety experts have always suggested that drivers adjust their cars to their driving needs. Before taking your car out the first few times, spend some time in the driveway getting accustomed to new blind spots, new controls, and new systems. Adjust the seat and mirrors as needed and ensure that you are comfortable in the car and can see clearly. Read the manual or ask the dealership for a demonstration of all the new systems and features of the car.

The first few times you head out with the car, consider taking quieter routes so that you can get used to how the car handles before you take the car on your morning commute or on a more challenging trip. Once you get used to the car, you will be able to handle it as safely as any other vehicle.

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