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Avoiding Accidents By Dealing Effectively With Aggressive Drivers

Aggressive drivers cause many accidents — and many personal injuries as a result — because they behave recklessly behind the wheel or take unnecessary risks on the road. It is therefore important to stay alert for such drivers and to use extra caution to avoid accidents when these sorts of drivers are sharing the road with you. Here are some tips on how you can avoid car accidents caused by aggressive drivers:

1) Learn to spot drivers affected by road rage. Drivers experiencing road rage often make unsafe lane changes, have jeering facial expressions, or verbally assault other drivers. They may make aggressive gestures, drive well above the posted speed limits, and generally drive recklessly. Keep an eye out for such drivers so that you can react appropriately.

2) Try to maintain your good manners on the road. Avoid tailgating, cutting people off, and weaving round other drivers. This can often set off an aggressive driver and lead to an instance of real road rage. Being a courteous driver can prevent provoking other drivers.

3) Control your own behaviors and facial expressions. Making facial expressions at other drivers, gesturing at other drivers, and beheving in aggressive ways draws attention to you and can make an aggressive driver respond in kind. Maintain a calm, neutral expression when driving and keep your hands inside the vehicle. Do not gesture. Also, avoid looking into an aggressive driver’s eyes. This can often provoked even more anger.

4) Use your horn carefully. Never use your horn around an aggressive driver. This can make them focus on you and can even make some aggressive drivers wish to seek revenge. Even polite beeps can be misunderstood by someone who is looking for an altercation.

5) When you see an aggressive driver, leave more distance between yourself and them. This will help ensure that the driver cannot use his or her vehicle as a weapon against you. Added space also gives you more time to respond to the aggressive driver’s behaviors.