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The Right Shoes Can Help You Avoid Car Accidents

Shoes are a key ingredient in safe driving. Some shoes, such as clogs, flip-flops, platform shoes, and high heel shoes, are not very safe when driving. In fact, in Japan, a number of accidents have been caused by women wearing irregularly shaped platforms. Some people also drive with no shoes at all, and this can prove just as deadly because you have less force with your feet when applying pressure to the break and accelerator pedals.

Wearing the wrong type of shoes is more than just a fashion faux pas. When you’re driving, the wrong shoes can become jammed behind your brake pedal or gas pedal, causing an accident. In some cases, thick soled shoes can make it very difficult to tell how much pressure you’re applying to brakes, so that you brake suddenly or speed without realizing it, leading to an accident.

Be wary of shoes that do not offer good ankle support. Flip-flops, mules, and slip on shoes that don’t stay on the foot very well can lead you to miss the pedal or can allow your foot to slip off the pedal, causing an accident. High heels are also a problem because they can cause you to miss the pedal or slip off the pedal. Statistics have shown that flip flops are the most dangerous footwear to wear while driving, precisely for this reason.

The most important element of a shoe, when you’re driving, is the sole. The sole should be thin enough so that you can feel how much pressure you’re applying to the pedal. Your shoes should also not have a very thick heel, as you operate the gas pedal and the break with your heel, and you need to be able to feel the pedal through your shoe. A flat heeled, thin soled shoe is ideal.

Pumps and deck shoes are both safe options for driving. These shoes have thin soles, flat heels, and good stability. Many people assume that running shoes are good option, but they are not. Usually, their soles are too thick and tend to stick. Look for shoes that are comfortable and will not distract you, even when you’re driving for long distances.

Many people drive with the wrong sort of footwear simply because they happen to be wearing impractical shoes when they need to hop in the car and drive. A good way around this is to keep a pair of sensible driving shoes in the car. You can easily switch your shoes for driving, and then put on your favorite shoes or high heels when you’re at your destination. The few extra seconds you’ll spend will be well worth it if it allows you to avoid a car accident and a serious spinal cord injury, burn injury, or brain injury.

Keeping an extra pair of shoes in the car is also important in wet weather. Your regular shoes — even if they are safe for driving — may become wet on the pavement and may cause your foot to slip on the gas or accelerator. Being able to slip into a pair of dry shoes is important for safe driving. You may also wish to tuck some good driving clothes into your car. Driving is clothes that are too loose, too distracting, too uncomfortable, or too constricting can be dangerous because it can distract from the road. Wear practical shoes and clothing for driving, and you’ll be able to avoid some car accidents.