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Avoiding Hialeah Pedestrian Accidents on Halloween Night

Halloween night presents a number of challenges for drivers, the biggest challenge being the groups of trick-or-treaters out on the streets. Hialeah pedestrian accidents are in fact a much greater threat to trick-or-treaters than injuries caused by candy. To avoid a Hialeah traffic accident this year, consider the following tips:

1) Consider a curfew and other rules for teen drivers. Teen drivers are most at risk because they are less experienced. Set some rules or consider having new drivers avoid driving entirely on Halloween night to prevent Hialeah pedestrian accidents.

2) Consider a party instead of trick-or-treating. Hosting a party rather than having children trick-or-treat can be a safe alternative that still stays fun. If you are hosting a Halloween party that is not just for kids, either make it alcohol-free or have a safe transportation option for your guests to avoid the risk of Hialeah drunk driving accidents.

3) Have everyone outfitted with visible costumes. If you have children who are trick-or-treating, ensure that the costumes are safe. The costumes should not have long hems that can pose a trip hazard or masks and hoods that block visibility. Costumes should be highly visible and should have reflective strips to make them more visible to motorists.

4) If your children go trick-or-treating, insist that they go with an adult and in a group. An adult can supervise to ensure that children do not run out into the road while a group of children can ensure that they are more visible.

5) If you are taking children trick or treating, walk along one side of the street before crossing at a crosswalk and working down the opposite side of the road. Children often want to run back and forth across the road, but this can increase the odds of a Hialeah car accident.

6) If you will be driving on Halloween night and Halloween afternoon, exercise extra caution. Children may start trick-or-treating early and not all will follow safety rules or cross at crosswalks.

7) Consider a night in. If there is nowhere you have to drive on Halloween night, consider renting movies or staying in on that night. The fewer cars are on the roads, the safer the streets will be with the extra influx of pedestrians.

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