Pedal Mistakes and Hialeah Car Accidents

There are many causes of Hialeah car accidents, one of them being pedal mistakes. When a driver mistakes the gas pedal for the brakes (or vice versa) a serious accident can occur. These types of Hialeah traffic accidents most often occur in driveways, parking spaces, and garages, although they can occur anywhere. These types of accidents can be serious, since suddenly stepping on the gas while in a parking area or other low-speed area can cause the car to crash into another vehicle, person, or building. Serious injuries, including fatalities, Hialeah head injuries, spinal cord injuries, fractures, and other serious injuries are reported each year due to pedal mix ups.

According to the Highway Safety Research Center, women are more likely to be involved in this type of accident, even though male drivers cause more car accidents overall. Drivers who are over 76 or under 20 are most likely to mix up pedals and cause an accident. According to the study, almost two-thirds of drivers involved in pedal mix-up accidents were women. Most of the accidents involved older drivers over the age of 76 and most occurred in parking areas. Researchers hypothesized that the reason for the crashes may be that some areas of the brain that deal with executive functioning deteriorate in some drivers, making gas pedal mix up accidents more of a risk.

According to experts, there are several things that drivers can do to reduce the risk of this type of Hialeah truck accident or car accident:

1) Do not drive distracted. Distracted driving can easily lead to a pedal mix up and Hialeah car collision because a distracted driver may simply not be considering which pedal they are pressing. Talking on a mobile device (even a hands-free device), having an animated discussion with a passenger, texting, eating, drinking, changing the music, and any activity that takes your mind off driving is a distraction and can be potentially deadly.

2) Take one pedal mix up as a serious warning sign. If you are in a minor fender-bender due to a pedal mix-up, take that as a serious warning sign. The pedals should be so automatic for you that you should not mix them up. If this is not the case for you, take a refresher course or additional driver training to ensure that the accident does not repeat itself.

3) Visually check pedals when backing up out of a parking space, driveway, or other area. Checking forces you to consider the right pedal and reduces the risk of a mix-up.

4) Stay mentally fit to drive. Check medications to ensure that they will not make you sleepy or unfocused. If you notice any signs of loss of concentration or memory, speak with your doctor to ensure that there are no medical conditions which may be

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