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Being a Safer Pedestrian

Everyone has a responsibility to prevent pedestrian accidents in Hollywood and South Florida. Obviously, motorists have a big responsibility to prevent pedestrian crashes. However, pedestrians, too, can take steps to stay safer.


Perhaps you like to walk around your Hollywood neighborhood for exercise. Or, maybe you simply walk in the beautiful South Florida sunshine to run errands. No matter what your reason for heading out on foot, make sure you do so safely:

1) Avoid distracted walking.

Distracted driving in Hollywood and south Florida leads to many crashes each year—but did you know walking while distracted can also be deadly? If you’re texting, looking at your phone, listening to music, or daydreaming, it’s easier to avoid crashing into other pedestrians or even walking into traffic. You may not notice traffic signs, obstructions, or other hazards if you’re not paying attention. Even trip and fall accidents become more of a risk.

2) Never walk home after drinking too much.

Walking home can seem like a better alternative than drinking and driving, but walking while inebriated comes with some serious risks. You may stumble and even lose consciousness, potentially harming yourself. Walking home after drinking can also make you more vulnerable to crime. If you are disoriented enough, you may even walk into traffic and get hit by a car.

3) Wear proper shoes and clothes.

Sturdy shoes with good treads can help prevent slip and fall accidents. Always choose clothes designed to let you move and shoes in the right size.

4) Choose your routes wisely.

Walk where there are sidewalks, so you’re not sharing the road with cars. If you want to walk as an exercise, consider walking paths or parks, which keep you safer by keeping you further away from cars.

5) Stay visible.

Wear light-colored clothing or reflective clothing if you’ll be walking in the dark or in bad weather. Drivers are more likely to avoid crashing into you if they can see you.

6) Make eye contact.

Unfortunately, some of the motorists on the roads are distracted or are not paying attention. Even if you’re right in front of them in the crosswalk, they may not see you. Make eye contact when walking behind cars or crossing the street to make sure you are seen.

7) Use extra caution when crossing the street.

You are more likely to be injured when crossing the street, and intersection accidents are one of the most common causes of pedestrian accidents in Hollywood. When crossing the street, try to use designated crosswalks if possible. Always wait to make sure traffic has come to a complete stop and check for any cars turning at intersections before you proceed.

If you have been injured in a pedestrian accident anywhere in South Florida, contact Flaxman Law Group for a free case consultation to review your legal options for securing compensation in your case.