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Can Technology Help Prevent Hollywood Car Accidents?

Technology has always been instrumental in helping to prevent car accidents and injuries. The seat belt, one of the simplest forms of technology introduced to early cars, is still one of the best ways to help prevent brain injuries and head injuries in a Hollywood car accident. Each year, car manufacturers roll out new safety systems to help prevent accidents and injuries. Could the newest technology be instrumental in helping prevent Hollywood traffic accidents even more? The Consumer Reports’ Annual Auto Issue seems to think so.

The Consumer Reports’ Annual Auto Issue has reviewed a vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) communication technology which allows cars in the same area to use a wireless system to communicate with each other. This can help cars communicate with each other about direction of travel, speed, and location of each vehicle. This in turn helps cars communicate about when an accident is likely to happen and warn drivers ahead of this time. The technology can even brake if the driver does not respond in time. It also warns drivers of cars in their blind spots.

With this system, if one car cuts another car off, for example, the technology signals loudly to the drivers, so that both drivers can respond in time to avoid the accident. The technology also signals loudly if a driver attempts an unsafe lane change or is about to enter an intersection where an accident is very likely. Since the technology can tell where other cars are, it can estimate when it is unsafe to enter an intersection due to another car’s speed and travel direction, for example.

While the technology might not be as effective in preventing Hollywood drunk driving accidents and Hollywood pedestrian accidents, there is a suggestion that it could be very effective in preventing the most common car accident types. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration predicts that this type of technology could help prevent or minimize an impressive 80% of car accidents involving sober drivers.

Some of the new technology allows not only cars to communicate with each other, but also allows cars to communicate with school zones, traffic lights, and work zones. V2V technology along with this new technology is known as V2X technology. Implementing the technology could still be many years away. In addition to the possible cost factors that car manufacturers need to consider, there are also cyber security and privacy concerns that need to be addressed with the new technology. While many auto industry experts say that the technology is the next big safety feature breakthrough, more regulations need to be in place, say experts, to ensure that the private information that cars would gather would not be abused.

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