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Fort Lauderdale Car Accidents and Senior Drivers

As baby boomers start turning 65 and as the number of seniors in Florida continues to rise, many are asking about the connections between age and Fort Lauderdale car accidents. Studies out of both the US and Canada suggest that older drivers are actually involved in fewer car collisions when compared with younger drivers. However, some studies also suggest that older drivers are more likely to suffer serious Fort Lauderdale personal injuries or fatalities as a result of an accident when compared with younger drivers.

Researchers in many studies have also suggested that older drivers are more likely than younger drivers to suffer from health problems, including vision problems, which can affect driving safety. However, there is some debate about the best methods for identifying drivers who are at risk due to health issues.

Some experts have suggested mandatory re-testing for older drivers who want to renew their licenses. The benefit of this plan is that it would ensure that age-related illnesses might be caught more often. However, others argue that such testing would increase costs and would not necessarily help, since adults of any age can develop health conditions that prevent them from driving safely.

Other experts have suggested that doctors take a larger role in keeping unsafe drivers off the roads, by being more aggressive in removing drivers with potentially hazardous conditions from the roads by taking away licenses. Many doctors are reluctant to adopt this plan, however, noting that even adults with chronic conditions can eventually manage their conditions and drive safely, making it difficult for doctors to distinguish safe drivers and unsafe drivers. Many doctors point out as well that their role is medicine, not policing the roadways.

While Fort Lauderdale pedestrian accidents and traffic accidents involving elderly drivers often make the news, many experts point out that older drivers are actually less likely to cause a collision than a distracted driver or young driver. Some experts feel that targeting older drivers is unfair for this reason.

One of the best options is for drivers to voluntarily give up their keys when they know that they are no longer able to drive safely. However, this solution is also problematic for a number of reasons. In many cases, drivers are not aware that their condition or symptoms are a danger to themselves or others. In addition, many older drivers are reluctant to give up driving privileges because of the freedom of movement and the independence that driving offers.

In some cases, an illness or symptoms may come on very suddenly, and a driver may have no indication that there is something wrong until it is too late. A driver may have a sudden heart attack, for example, and cause a Fort Lauderdale truck accident without having had any previous symptoms of heart problems. Predicting possible health dangers for drivers ahead of time is just not always possible.

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