Car Manufacturers Can Have an Impact on Your Hallandale Beach Collison

When you’re in a car collision, you may at first consider the other driver to be the liable party. This may be true, but in some collisions, including some single-vehicle crashes in Hallandale Beach, defective automobile parts cause the crash and the injuries. In these situations, the injured parties may have a claim against the car manufacturer.


When Do You Have a Claim?

You may have a defective product claim in Hallandale Beach if you are injured in a car collision which is caused by a car manufacturers’ negligence in producing a safe product. You must be able to show that a safer product could have been made, that the defect caused your injuries, and that the defect caused a risk to yourself or others. Claims of this nature are often filed as a result of:

  • Failing transmission
  • Rollover risks, often caused by faulty design
  • Defective brakes
  • Defective tires
  • Poorly designed or manufactured steering
  • Airbags that don’t deploy correctly
  • Manufacturer defects
  • Unsafe glass
  • Poorly designed dashboards
  • Overheating and fires caused by faulty design

There are three types of claims which can be filed against car manufacturers. The first is one is for defective design, where a manufacturer simply creates an unsafe product. For example, if a car is designed with a very small foot well and this design increases the risk of amputation in the event of a crash, injured parties can file a claim.

A second possible type of claim occurs if manufacturing is faulty. Cars are made from parts produced all over the world and are assembled in factories. Manufacturers have a duty to ensure the manufacturing process is safe. If a company hires unqualified workers at the factory, sources materials from disreputable vendors, or has a system that allows for products to be made with manufacturing defects, they can be held liable if someone is injured as a result of the defect.

A third situation occurs if the marketing for the car encourages the unsafe use of the car or makes a misleading promise about safety. If a car manufacturer claims a car can be driven offroad, for example, but the car is not safe in such conditions, they can be held liable if someone off roads in the car and is injured as a result.

Understanding Why Cars Crash

Before releasing new cars, manufacturers are expected to ensure their products are safe and can pass crash tests. Each year, however, cars are recalled because they are found to be unsafe or because they cause serious injuries and collisions. In some cases, manufacturers know about a risk but fail to issue a recall, and this can lead to class action lawsuits and individual claims.

If you have been in a car collision, there may be more than one reason for the crash. Another driver may have been negligent and partly caused the crash, but an unknown-to-you defect in your car or the other driver’s car may have contributed to the collision and your injuries. If you are seeking compensation, it’s important to pursue all possible liable parties to improve your chances of securing fair compensation, and working with a Hallandale Beach car manufacturer negligence claims attorney can help. Attorneys may be able to launch investigations and work to determine whether a car manufacturer’s negligence played a role in your injuries.

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