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Car Technology Systems That Prevent Car Accidents

More and more car manufacturers are creating cars with an array of safety features and safety systems. In many cases, these features help prevent accidents that can cause serious personal injury. If you are considering buying a car, consider these technologies:

1) Blind spot systems. Audi, Volvo, and other brands have technology that places cameras in a driver’s blind spots, allowing a driver to see everything going on in each blind spot.

2) Parking assistance technology. Toyota and other brands have a system that parks for you. Featured on Oprah and other national television shows, these programs essentially allow the car to take over and park. It is a good idea for those who struggle to park well.

3) Night driving help. Some car brands – including Lexus, BMW, Cadillac, and others – have night vision options that allow drivers to see more effectively in the dark. Since many car accidents occur at night, this feature may help prevent many car accidents. It can also be very useful for drivers who have poor night vision.

4) Pre-collision systems. Manufacturers such as Lexus have pre-collision technology which allows a vehicle to detect – with the use of sensors – when an accident is about to take place. When the vehicle’s sensors detect a car accident is about to happen, the car takes control in order to prevent a full collision.