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No Excuses: Seat Belts Prevent Serious Injuries in Car Accidents

There are many excuses for not wearing a seat belt, but all tend to fall apart under scrutiny:

Excuse #1: “If I don’t wear a seat belt, I will be able to get out of a car more quickly in the event of a car accident.”

This is actually true – you will get out of your car quickly in the event of a car crash because, without a seat belt, you will be thrown out of the car. Unfortunately, you will crash through your windshield at high velocity and almost certainly be killed or seriously injured. If you are not wearing a seatbelt and are thrown from your car you will likely sustain a serious head injury, spinal cord injury or brain injury.

Excuse #2: “I’m only going a short distance.”

Some people don’t wear a seatbelt if they are driving slowly or only a short distance. This can be a deadly mistake, however, since accidents can happen anywhere and at any time. In fact, most people are seriously injured or killed in car accidents close to home. Buckling up should be the first thing you do when you step into a car.

Excuse #3: “There are no seatbelts in this car.”

Every car has seatbelts. If you are sitting in the back seat, they may be in between the seats or stuffed between the back rest and the seat. They are worth digging for, however.

Excuse #4: “Seat belts are so uncomfortable.”

A full body cast – which is what you might be wearing if you don’t wear a seat belt — is very uncomfortable as well. Seat belts have adjustments, so adjust your seatbelt. If you are not very tall, consider adjusting your seat so that your seatbelt is positioned comfortably.

Excuse #5 “I don’t need a seat belt because I have airbags.”

Airbags will not work alone. Without a seat belt to restrain you in a crash, your head will hit the airbag with great force and speed – with enough speed and force to kill you or cause serious brain injuries.