Safe Headlights Mean Fewer Car Accidents

According to the AAA, an average of 9 out of ten cars have headlights that are so worn, ineffective or dirty that they pose a potential hazard. Most drivers only consider headlights when one is out, but long before a headlight is crushed or stops working, dirt and age may have rendered it ineffective. Headlights are essential when driving at night or on overcast days. They improve your visibility on the road and reduce your risk of being in a car accident. Headlights also make your car more visible and so can prevent pedestrian accidents. Even if all of your headlights are working well, there are a few things you can do to ensure that they are at their brightest:

1) Clean them. When you stop for gas, you should give your windshield and your headlights a wipe. Most gas stations have the tools necessary for this right at the pumps, so it only takes an extra second or two.

2) Restore the headlights. If you have an older car, the casing on your headlights may have become yellowed with exposure. Also, tiny scratches on the headlights may add up quickly, making them less bright. DIY restoring kits or professional headlight restoring services at a garage can fix this common problem.

3) Have your headlights adjusted. Have your lenses calibrated and aimed by a professional at a garage as part of your regular inspection. This helps ensure that the light is directed where you need to see. It can keep you safer on the road.

4) Have broken headlights fixed at once. Driving around with a broken headlight is a major hazard. It can mean a penalty and can cause you to get pulled over. Get your car into a mechanic right away.

Headlights are the communication system of your car – they tell other drivers where you are and where you are headed. Headlights also provide you with the light you need to drive safely. Taking car of your headlights means taking care to prevent car accidents.

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