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Inexpensive Ways to Prevent Car Accidents

You could spend plenty of money on special sensors and devices to keep you safe on the road. However, there are also no-cost and inexpensive solutions for improving your car’s safety and for preventing a car accident:

1) Wash your windshield. Dirty windshields can cause glare and can reduce your visibility. Even if your windshield is “relatively” clean, tiny splatters can affect your visibility at night. Wash your windshield regularly and keep a jug of windshield washer fluid in your trunk in case you run out.

2) Check your windshield. Small scratches and imperfections in your windshield can cause glare. In the event of an accident, a small imperfection or scratch can cause your windshield to crack considerably, resulting in possible injuries or in an expensive windshield replacement. Many auto glass services offer special packages to repair small scratches for a very reasonable price.

3) Clean your headlights. If your headlights are dirty, they will not work well and this can increase your odds of sustaining a personal injury in a car accident. Many gas stations have free cleaning stations that allow you to wash your headlights, windshield, and car.

4) Restore your headlights. The sun, weather, and time can cause the headlights of your car to become yellow or worn. This makes them far less bright and therefore less effective. There are headlight restore and cleaner kits that can help your headlights shine their brightest. Most garages can also restore your headlights for a nominal fee.

5) Choose a smart color of car. Research has shown that silver cars are more visible because they reflect more light. This can mean that they are safer than dark cars, which can blend into trees and the environment.