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Important Safety Devices That Can Help You Prevent Car Accidents

While avoiding car accidents is often about good driving, and not about technology, there are several devices that can help you avoid a car accident. These devices are ones you might wish to have in your car:

1) Parking sensor. A parking sensor is usually a small camera or sensor that tells you whether there is something behind you as you park, back out of a parking spot, or reverse. These sensors are important because they can prevent the many injuries to minors and children that occur in parking lots and driveways, often because a driver was unable to see a child standing right behind a vehicle. Sensors can also make parking easier and can prevent fender benders.

2) GPS. Global positioning devices (GPS) are like an interactive map in your car. You can program a GPS device with your destination and the device will tell you how to get to your destination. With a GPS device, you will not have to read a map or focus on finding street numbers – you can focus on driving safely. For the best safety features, look for GPS devices that have a voice feature so that you do not have to stare at the tiny map on your GPS device while trying to drive.

3) Airbags. Installed in every newly-made car, airbags provide a cushion in the event of an accident and prevent you from sustaining head injuries and other serious injuries by crashing about inside the car. Look for cars that have side-impact and passenger airbags as well as driver airbags.

4) Seat belts. Seat belts may be the least high-tech device and the simplest device on this list, but the humble seat belt has saved more lives than any other car safety feature. Mandatory in much of the country since the 1980s, the seat belt prevents you from leaving your seat and crashing through the windshield in an accident. Many car accident fatalities could be prevented each year if only everyone wore a seatbelt.

5) Angelguard. Angelguard is a relatively new device that slips over the seat belt release button. Made of plastic, the Angelguard is used by parents to ensure that small children do not accidentally unbuckle themselves in the car. The Angelguard stays in place until an adult unbuckles the child.