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Car-Related Child Injuries in Homestead and Other Florida Cities

For children, car accidents in Homestead and other communities remain one of the leading causes of fatalities and injury. However, children do not need to be riding in a car to be injured. There are other car-related injuries that can cause permanent or even fatal head injuries, spinal cord injuries, and other injuries:

1) Seat-belt and airbag-related injuries. When a child is riding in the car, it is vital to use age-appropriate safety restraints and it is important to place the child in the back seat of the car. A child riding in the front of the vehicle and using a seat belt intended for an adult can be seriously injured in a collision. During a car crash, the airbags may cause head injuries and a seat belt can cut a child’s neck or face.

2) Back-over accidents. Back-over accidents in Homestead and other cities can easily occur if a child is playing behind a car. A motorist may not spot the child and if the driver is in a van, SUV, or light truck, the child may not be visible in the vehicle’s blind spots. In many cases, these types of traffic accidents in Homestead and other communities are preventable. Motorists can check around their car for pedestrians before starting the engine. In addition, there are camera systems which allow drivers to see clearly behind their vehicle when backing up.

3) Pedestrian accidents. Children are more likely than adults to walk around their neighborhoods, and this can put them at risk for pedestrian accidents in Homestead or their communities. If your child walks to school, after-school activities, and friends’ houses, review the routes your child walks and have a discussion about best safety practices.

4) Hyperthermia. One of the most tragic car-related child injuries in Homestead and other communities involves children who are left behind in cars. In many cases, this occurs because a child minder forgets the child in the car or simply assumes that the child will be fine in the car for a “few minutes.” In reality, a car in the Florida sun can heat up to dangerous temperatures very quickly.

5) Bicycle accidents. Children tend to rely on bicycles to get around and to have some fun. When children share the road with cars, however, Homestead bicycle accidents are a serious risk. It is important to insist that your child always wear a bicycle helmet when riding a bicycle. It is also important to review safety rules often.

While parents may take many precautions to protect their children, distracted and unsafe drivers on the road may still cause an accident that results in serious injury to your child. If this has happened to your family, contact the Flaxman Law Group for a free, no obligation consultation. The Flaxman Law Group is a full-service law firm and the attorneys at the firm have already successfully resolved thousands of Florida personal injury claims. While nothing can turn back the hands of time, protecting your rights and seeking justice can help you pursue compensation that could contribute to medical costs and other bills. For details, contact the Flaxman Law Group today.