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Back-Seat Drivers May be Contributing to Crashes in Homestead and Other South Florida Communities

A 2011 study completed by esure car insurance found that back-seat drivers contribute to 14% of car collisions and near-misses. While back-seat drivers are usually considered simply an annoyance, the study found that comments and criticisms of the driving can lead a motorist to become distracted and to take their eyes off the road. Men are more likely to take their eyes off the road if they have a back-seat driver, but young drivers seem more affected by the distraction of passengers and are more at risk of an accident, according to the study authors.

There are several ways to prevent back-seat drivers from causing a car collision in Homestead or your community:

1) If there is a back-seat driver in your life, speak with them about their habit. According to the esure car insurance study, spouses are most likely to be culprits when it comes to back-seat driving. If you have a passenger who frequently comments on your driving or tries to give “helpful” advice, sit down with that person and discuss how the criticism and comments make you feel. Tell the person about the risks of back-seat driving and encourage them to refrain from commenting.

2) Limit the number of passengers in your teen’s car. Studies have shown that the risk of a teen being involved in a traffic accident in Homestead or another community increases with the number of teen passengers in the car. Limit the number of friends your teen can drive or ask your teen to drive only with adult passengers in the car until driving skills improve.

3) Give passengers something productive to do. Back-seat drivers are less likely to make comments and suggestions if they have something helpful to do. Get passengers to make phone calls, check the map, change the music, or take care of other similar things. That way, they are less likely to talk and they will help you with distracting tasks that keep your focus on the road. Your risk of being in a car or truck accident in Homestead or your community will be less and your passengers will feel that they are helping.

4) Be extra cautious when driving with multiple passengers. If you carpool or are going on a road trip with your family, there is more likely to be multiple passengers and multiple distractions. Plan ahead and institute rules that ensure your distractions will be kept to a minimum.
5) Stay calm and keep your eyes and focus on the road – even when faced with unruly passengers. When faced with a back-seat driver, try explaining your need to concentrate and your need for quiet. Try to maintain your focus and tune them out. Avoid looking away from the road to confront them.

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