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The Same Things That Cause Car Collisions in Hollywood and Other Communities Can Also Cause Pedestrian Accidents

Many motorists are aware that driving whole fatigued, distracted, or inebriated can easily lead to a car crash in Hollywood or another community. However, many people seem to take these types of risks when walking or bicycling, which according to some experts has led to an increase in some types of bicycle and pedestrian accidents. Whether you are in a car, riding a bicycle, or walking, you need to be aware of:

1) Drinking. If you have had too much to drink and want to avoid a drunk driving accident in Hollywood or your community, you may think that walking home is a safer option. However, walking home after drinking can easily lead to serious injuries, falls, and even traffic accidents. You may not have the coordination to get home safely and may not have the wherewithal to check for traffic before crossing the street. If you have consumed a lot of alcohol, you may lose consciousness before you reach home or you may wander into traffic without realizing it. If you have been drinking, avoid bicycling or walking home. Instead, take a cab or go home with a trusted friend.

2) Fatigue. Fatigue is linked to about 13% of truck accidents across the country. However, fatigue can also affect your ability to walk home or bicycle safely. When you are tired, you may not have the response times and motor skills to walk or bike safely. You may miss important safety cues or may more easily trip and fall.

3) Distraction. According to researchers led by Jack Nasar at Ohio State University, cell-phone related pedestrian injuries have more than doubled in the US since 2005. Since 2010 alone, about 1500 people have been admitted to US emergency rooms because they have been struck by a car while walking and using a mobile device. In addition to mobile devices, pedestrians and bikers can easily be distracted by daydreaming, music, or other distractions. Any of these can lead to a pedestrian or bicycle accident in Hollywood or your community. Some studies have suggested that listening to music can be especially risky when bicycling or walking, since it keeps you distracted and can also keep you from noticing important audio cues around you – such as the sounds of cars.

Whenever you walk or bicycle, it is best to think like a motorist. Place your focus on getting to your destinations safely, especially if you are walking at night or along a busy road. If you would like a more relaxed biking or walking environment, consider a local gym or a park path which will protect you from cars.

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