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Common Florida Driver Errors

A few basic errors by Florida drivers result in a disproportionate number of Florida pedestrian accidents and car accidents. Among the riskiest behaviors are:

1) Speeding. About two out of three polled drivers admit to speeding on occasion. However, even going 5 miles an hour over the speed limit can put you at an increased risk of car accidents, especially in bad weather or with poor road conditions. Many Florida car accidents are caused by people simply driving too quickly for Florida conditions. About one third of all fatal car accidents are caused at least in part by speeding. Speeding can increase your risk of an accident up to sixfold, but usually only saves a few minutes of time.

2) Not giving right of way. Florida drivers are busy drivers, and even courteous drivers sometimes fail to follow right-of-way rules. About 40% of all car accidents and Florida truck accidents take place at intersections, meaning that right of way rules played at least a part in the collision.

4) Tailgating. Not giving other vehicles enough room can increase the risk of collisions. Following too closely is especially dangerous around large commercial trucks. Many Florida trucking accidents each year, for rexample, are caused by passenger vehicles following trucks too closely. Trucks take longer to stop than passenger vehicles, so give them more room. As well, in poor conditions, all vehicles take longer to stop, so it pays to give additional room.

5) Distracted driving. Drivers often feel that they can multi-task while they drive, but this is not the case. Research has concluded that distracted driving is as dangerous as drunk driving. Whether you are talking on the phone, applying cosmetics, changing CDs, texting, eating, or fixing your hair, your eyes and mind are not on the road – which is where they should be.

6) Drunk driving. Unfortunately, even with extensive education campaigns, Florida drunk driving accidents are all too common. Even one drink can put some people beyond the legal blood alcohol limit. Drinking coffee or sipping water will not sober you up – only time can do that. If you have been drinking, it’s simple: don’t get behind the wheel.