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Florida Car Accidents Can Be Prevented if Every Driver Improves Their Driving Habits

Florida streets and highways have become busier than ever over the past generation, and experts agree that increased traffic also means an increase in the number of Florida truck accidents, car accidents, and pedestrian accidents. In fact, some research suggests that nationally the number of registered vehicles has tripled while the number of licensed drivers has doubled over the last three decades. The increased traffic means more people sharing the road, which means more congestion and more risk.

While many Florida drivers are safe and do their best to avoid Florida pedestrian accidents and other traffic accidents, not all drivers are skilled. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration polls drivers annually about their driving behaviors. Drivers in a recent survey admitted to the following risky behaviors in the week before taking the survey:

*26% failed to stop entirely at a stop sign
*23% drove at least 10 mph over the posted speed limit at least once on a highway
*8% drove after drinking
Breaking such bad habits can help prevent many Florida driving accidents, since these bad habits contribute to far too many accidents each year. Florida drunk driving accidents, for example, claim lives all year long, but preventing these accidents is so simple. There are many ways that you can break bad driving habits and make the roads safer for everyone:

1) Take responsibility for your driving. Many people assume that others are bad drivers and research has shown that most drivers overestimate their driving ability. Even if you believe that other drivers are responsible for bad habits, do admit your own bad habits and take charge.

2) Learn what your own bad habits are. Do others point out driving mistakes you are making? Have you received a ticket for a traffic violation lately? No one likes to hear criticism of their driving skills, but take a deep breath and consider the areas where your driving could use some work.

3) Get regular upgrades of your driving skills. Even if you drive every day, you can help break bad habits and help avoid accidents by improving your driving skills periodically. Taking a refresher course, racing course, or defensive driving course can help you brush up on your skills and can help you develop better habits – good habits that can help prevent a Florida accident some day. If you drive as part of your job, your employer may even be willing to cover part of the costs of your training.