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Some Florida Car Accidents Are Caused by Visibility Problems

Many things can affect your visibility on the road, and all these factors can increase your risk of a car accident. Keep in mind that these factors can affect your ability to drive safely:

1) Excessive light. Street lights, headlights, the sun, and glare can all affect your ability to see correctly. Too much light is blinding and in Florida there are many bright days where visibility on the roads is affected. There are many ways that you can ensure a safe drive, even when the light is too bright. Using a sun visor and sunglasses can help, especially on bright days and at sunrise and sundown. Following other cars at a safe distance helps to ensure you are not blinded by their headlights. If you are being blinded by high beams from oncoming traffic, look at the white lines on the side or right of the road until the car passes.

2) Inadequate light. Many Florida truck accidents and car accidents in rural areas are caused at least in part by inadequate light. Poor streetlight placement and dark nights can make it hard to see, even when you use your headlights. In these situations, it is best to use your headlights and to reduce speed to get home safely.

3) Poor weather. Florida fog, rain, wind, and storms can create poor visibility conditions that lead to Florida car accidents and traffic accidents of all types. If possible, avoid driving in bad weather. If you must drive or are caught in bad weather, slow down, turn your headlights on so that other cars can see you, and use your windshield wipers to keep your view as clear as possible. In foggy conditions, use low-beam headlights to light your way. If the weather suddenly becomes so bad that you cannot see the road in front of you, pull over and wait a few minutes (leaving your blinkers on) until the weather improves.
4) Roadway obstructions. Florida construction, hills, and winding roads can affect your ability to see what is coming up, making it harder to anticipate hazards and avoid them. Even trucks can be a problem if they block your view of the road. In these conditions, slow down and try to scan ahead as much as possible. Use signage in construction areas to guide you and to help you avoid a Florida pedestrian accident.