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Florida Highways Contribute to Fatal Florida Car Accidents

Many fatal Florida truck accidents and car accidents take place on highways. The high speed allowed on highways combined with occasional driver error and high traffic often results in dangerous conditions that lead to serious accidents. After the fourth of July weekend in 2007, for example, the Florida Highway Patrol reported 31 people were killed on Florida highways. There are many that such accidents on the highways can be avoided:

1) Wear a seatbelt. According to the FHP, in about 67% of fatal Florida highway car accidents, seatbelts were not worn. Wearing a seat belt is the law in Florida. You can receive a fine and ticket for failing to wear your seatbelt. Even more seriously, you could lose your life or sustain a serious injury in an accident if you fail to wear your seat belt. Many Florida brain injury patients and spinal cord patients sustained their injuries because they were in a car accident and were not wearing a seat belt at the time.

2) Do not drive under the influence. Florida drunk driving accidents claim many lives. Driving with an excessive blood alcohol limit in Florida can mean license suspension, fines, and even jail time. It can also cost lives. If you have had one or more drinks, avoid driving.

3) Do not drive while tired. Fatigued Florida drivers are an especial danger on Florida highways, since highway driving involves higher speeds and therefore faster response times. A small error caused by fatigue on a Florida highway can easily lead to a fatal car accident.

4) Obey posted speed limits and other signage. The faster you drive, the more likely you are to lose control of your vehicle. As well, when you speed on Florida highways, you often do not leave yourself enough time to respond to a potential hazard, increasing the likelihood of a car accident. Road signs are there to protect you – obey them.

5) Avoid distractions when driving. Texting, talking on your cell phone, or being distracted in any way behind the wheel is as dangerous as drunk driving – and may contribute to just as many accidents. Before getting in your car, turn off your mobile devices and prepare to give your full attention to driving. Distracted driving is especially dangerous on Florida’s highways, where you may have only seconds to react to prevent an accident.